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October 24, 2008

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Information Bulletin No. 2009-012 

To:                   All Field Office Officials
                        Attn: Deputy State Directors for Resources
From:               Division Chief, Rangeland Resources
Subject:           Nominations for Rangeland Management Specialist (RMS) Recognition Awards                                                   DD:  12/12/2008
Program Area: Rangeland Management (1020)
Purpose: To inform Field, District, and State Offices of the opportunity to nominate one deserving Rangeland Management Specialist (RMS) from your state for recognition of service in 2008.  Each award recipient will receive up to $600 from Washington Office (WO) 220 for travel and registration to support attendance at the 62nd Annual Meeting and Trade Show for the Society for Range Management (SRM), Albuquerque, N.M., during February 8-12, 2009. The individuals will be recognized at the annual meeting during the BLM reception Sunday, February 8, 2009 from 7pm-10pm.  A BLM workshop and BLM State Range Lead meeting will be held in conjunction with this professional society meeting, allowing for expanded opportunities for BLM employees in education, professional development and networking. For more information about the meeting, please visit the website at: http://www.srmmeetings.org/.
Action: The WO 220 continues with its annual program to offer professional development opportunities and recognition of service to a deserving RMS from each State. Each State may nominate ONE INDIVIDUAL whose name is provided to WO 220 as deserving of recognition for 2008.  The WO 220 is hopeful that up to 10 individuals will be nominated to attend the upcoming SRM annual international meeting.  Criteria for recognition of service may include work accomplishments, work ethic, communication skills, and/or professionalism on the job. Award recipients may also be entry-level employees deserving of an outstanding professional development opportunity.  Individual States are free to determine the basis for their selection. A WO 220 charge code will be provided to each nominated RMS.
State Range Leads are asked to 1) ensure that each nominated specialist meets these criteria, and 2) provide to the BLM-SRM Liaison, by December 12, 2008, the name, title, office, and contact information for each state nominated specialist.  A signed letter from the individual’s supervisor, addressing the basis for nomination, is also requested by the same date.  
Background:  In past years, nominations have been sought for exemplary specialists with only one individual selected to attend the upcoming Society for Range Management annual meeting. In 2006 and 2007 BLM sought nominations from each state for employees who either had provided exemplary service through their local on-the-ground achievements, or were promising individuals deserving of an outstanding professional development opportunity.  Most all States provided nominations resulting in increased BLM attendance at the international meeting and appreciation from the recipients for the opportunity to attend and learn. The WO 220 supports this approach again this year.  The intent of this IB supports IM 2007-131,Membership and Participation in Professional Organizations, Associations, and Societies.
Nominated individuals do not need to be SRM members to qualify for the recognition award.  Each nominated RMS must have supervisor approval to attend the meeting and must have available funding to cover the balance of their travel expenses.
Contact:  Please direct any questions or nomination information to Linda Coates-Markle, BLM Liaison to the Society for Range Management, Division of Rangeland Resources (WO-220) at (303) 986-3309 or lcmarkle@blm.gov.
Signed by:                                                     Authenticated by:
Robert Roudabush                                        Robert M. Williams
Division Chief                                                Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Rangeland Resources

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