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Washington, D.C. 20240
December 14, 2007
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1265 (550)P
Information Bulletin No. 2008-023
To:                   Executive Leadership Team
From:               Assistant Director, Information Resources Management
Subject:            Implementation Schedule for the Information Technology Technical Support                              Services Contract
Program Area: Information Technology
This Information Bulletin (IB) outlines the planning and implementation schedule for the fiscal year (FY) 2008 Information Technology (IT) Technical Support Services (TSS) Contract. 
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Information Resources Management Directorate (WO-500) and the National Operations Center (NOC) collaborated to develop the following implementation schedule, which outlines the acquisition preparation process for the re-compete of the TSS contract. It is based on the agreements set forth in the WO-500 and NOC TSS Coordination meeting held on October 2, 2007. As outlined in the Instruction Memorandum 2008-028, Information Resources Management Directorate’s Responsibilities for Oversight, Policy, and Coordination of Bureau-wide IT Acquisitions, the TSS is the umbrella acquisition vehicle to procure enterprise solutions for national IT services, such as operational IT infrastructure, GIS, enterprise architecture, and system applications.  The IT infrastructure is the first set of requirements that will be re-competed.
TSS Infrastructure Re-Compete Statement of Work/Performance Work Statement (SOW/PWS) Schedule is as follows:
Task                                                                            Lead                                        Date
IT Infrastructure Task Inventory                                    Technical (NOC)                      Completed
Individual Task Analysis                                                Technical                                  20 Dec 2007
Individual Task Risk Assessment                                   Technical                                  20 Dec 2007
Policy Review of Analysis                                             Policy (WO-500)                     28 Dec 2007
Develop SOW/PWS Document Structure                     Technical/Contracting               13 Dec 2007
Develop Acquisition Strategy                                        Technical/Contracting               21 Dec 2007
Develop a single overarching SOW/PWS                      Technical                                 11 Jan 2008
Contracting/Policy Review                                            Contracting/Policy                    18 Jan 2008
Revise SOW/PWS                                                       Technical                                  25 Jan  2008
SOW/PWS Completed                                                                                                31 Jan  2008
The final acquisition plan, including the procurement milestones, will be completed by
January 31, 2008.
When the WO-500 and NOC met on October 2, 2007, the participants agreed to:
§         Develop a single overarching SOW/PWS to re-compete the currently de-centralized IT infrastructure support contract(s). 
§         Use the Federal Enterprise Architecture, Technical Reference Model as the basis for organizing our requirements and the solicitation. 
§         Define the tasks under Infrastructure as those performed in any BLM State, Center, or Office without regard to funding source or physical location of the contactor performing the work. The Infrastructure category will use a flexible contract vehicle, which allows the BLM to progressively implement performance-based SOWs over the life of the contract.
§         Assign a[RAS1]  NOC Project Manager (PM) and establish an Integrated Solutions Team representing IT policy, technical, and contracting. Russell Sveda has been assigned PM.  
§         Use the Integrated Solutions Team to complete the SOW/PWS to the contracting officer’s standards by mid-January 2008.
§         Acknowledge that the NOC has the technical lead, responsibility, and accountability for the development of the PWSs; preparing the procurement-related documents and justifications; managing the budget for the TSS re-compete; processing the solicitation; coordinating with the PM prior to making the source selection decision; and issuing the official award.
§         Acknowledge that WO-500 has responsibility for implementing policy, providing oversight of the products and processes to ensure consistency with policy; auditing the products and processes both before and after the award; and transferring the budgetary resources related to the TSS re-compete to the NOC to manage this effort. 
Coordination: This IB was coordinated with the NOC, Division of Business Services (OC-600) and Division of IRM Services (OC-300).
Contact: Theresa R. Coleman, IT Investment Manager, Division of Investment Management (WO-550), at 202-452-5039.
Signed by:                                                                   
Authenticated by:
Scott E. MacPherson                                                   
Robert M. Williams
Acting, Assistant Director                                            
Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Information Resources Management

 [RAS1]I am not full-time and the NOC does not have the resources to assign someone full-time to this.

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