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March 10, 2008
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Information Bulletin No. 2008-051
To:                   All Field Office Officials
From:               Division Chief, Decision Support, Planning and National Environmental
                        Policy Act (NEPA)
Subject:            Presidential Management Fellows Program and Job Fair
                                                                                                            DD: 04/22/2008
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) increasingly uses the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program as a means of bringing highly qualified individuals into the agency; the PMF hiring season is approaching rapidly. Historically, most PMFs have been hired to fill positions at the BLM Washington Office in the Division of Decision Support, Planning and NEPA and the National Landscape Conservation System. More recently, PMFs have accepted fellowships based in the field and the National Operations Center. Many PMFs convert to permanent positions in the field. The purpose of this Information Bulletin (IB) is to encourage State, District, and Field Offices to use this unique program to fill positions outside of the Washington Office and to participate in the PMF hiring process.   
The PMF Program is designed to attract to the Federal service outstanding Masters Degree and doctoral-level graduates from a wide variety of academic disciplines who demonstrate an exceptional ability for, as well as a clear interest in and commitment to, leadership in the analysis and management of public policies and programs. The two-year fellowship program enables students who have recently completed graduate degree requirements to be appointed to Federal positions and to have the opportunity to convert non-competitively to a permanent Federal civil service position following their fellowship. Within the last two years, PMFs in BLM’s Washington Office have successfully converted to positions at the State and Field Office levels. Former PMFs currently serve in numerous positions throughout the BLM, such as Planning and NEPA Coordinator, Assistant Field Manager, and Assistant Director.
The BLM is encouraged to utilize the PMF program to fill positions at all levels of its organization. Offices wishing to hire through the PMF program are advised to read the attachment (PMF Questions and Answers) or refer to the PMF website (http://www.pmf.opm.gov) for more information. Most PMFs are hired at or immediately following the annual PMF Job Fair, where Federal agencies conduct interviews with PMF Finalists from around the country. The 2008 Job Fair will be held April 22-24th in Washington, DC. Modified position descriptions and other specific information must be submitted in order to advertise a position at the PMF Job Fair; information will need to be submitted quickly for this year’s job fair. For information on these requirements please contact Alisa Rawlins, Department of the Interior PMF Coordinator, at 202-219-0097 (Alisa_B_Rawlins@nbc.gov). 
For program specific questions, please contact Deb Rawhouser, Division Chief, Decision Support, Planning and NEPA, at 202-452-0354 or Jeff Jarvis, Division Chief, Wilderness Rivers and National Trails, at 202-452-5189. To discuss the PMF experience or hiring process with a current Fellow, please contact Megan Stouffer, PMF, Planning and Decision Support, at 202-452-5060, or Frank Quamen, PMF, Planning and Decision Support, at 202-452-0391.
Signed by:                                                                   Authenticated by:
Deb Rawhouser                                                           Robert M. Williams
Division Chief                                                               Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Decision Support, Planning and National
    Environmental Policy Act
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