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May 10, 2007
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Information Bulletin No. 2007-078
To:                   All BLM Employees
From:               Assistant Director, Renewable Resources and Planning
Subject:            Aerial Photography Spatial Index
The Aerial Photography Spatial Index (APSI), developed by the National Science and Technology Center (NSTC) and housed at the National Information Resource Management Center (NIRMC) on the EGIS Citrix platform, is now available Bureau-wide. The APSI enables anyone in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), with network access, to search for aerial photography contained within the BLM’s Aerial Photography Archive. Users will need to be provided with a log in and need Citrix software installed on their workstation to gain access to the APSI. The following URL connects to the Bureau’s Citrix server: https://citrixnr.blm.doi.net.
Aerial photography plays a vital roll in resource management and is an essential tool for effective analysis and monitoring of public lands. In the 1970s, a central repository and archive for original roll film was established in Denver, located at what is now NSTC. Vital information (including photo center location, scale, film type, date of acquisition, etc.) is also maintained on hardcopy flight line index maps at NSTC. The archive holds over 600,000 frames, contains more than 3000 rolls of large format aerial photography film, and grows with new acquisitions. Photography contained within the NSTC Aerial Photography Archive covers portions of lands administered by the BLM in the 12 contiguous Western States, with acquisitions starting on a regular basis in Oregon in the 1950s. A separate archive is maintained at the BLM Alaska State Office, which houses the aerial photography acquired for that state.
The Fiscal Year 2003 Applications of Science Initiative for improving access to BLM’s natural resource information provided start up funding for a project to enhance the access to BLM’ aerial photography resources. The main focus of this project was to enhance the use of the aerial photography housed in the NSTC Aerial Photography Archive by digitizing data (i.e., Flight Lines, and Photo Center Points) off the hardcopy flight line index maps and making them and additional information such as the Project Boundaries available to the Bureau through a web based system.
As a result of this project, for the first time, digital access to both spatial and archival information regarding the holdings of the BLM Aerial Photography Archive have been made available Bureau-wide and will be maintained in the geodatabase with new aerial photography project acquisitions being added on a continuous basis. BLM employees wanting access to the APSI need to request access through their State Help Desk and have a Citrix installation completed through their local System Administrator. Attachment 1 provides an overview of the APSI, details for gaining access, working within the map interface, and tips for using ArcMap (the primary interface of the Index). Attachment 2 contains the system administration information.
The APSI was completed through the efforts of the NSTC Resource Technology Branch in conjunction with the Library Services Branch and NIRMC. For more information regarding the APSI, please contact Bob Bewley, WO Geographic Sciences Lead, WO-210, 202.251.5111 or Debra Dinville, Resource Technology Branch Chief, 303.236.6430. For aerial photography orders, please contact Barbara Campbell, Branch Chief of Library Services, at (303)-236-6648. For use of the APSI, please contact Keith Francis, GIS Specialist, at (303)-236-0113.
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Robert T. Ratcliffe                                                       
Robert M. Williams
Acting, Assistant Director                                            
Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Renewable Resources and Planning
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