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October 17, 2005
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Information Bulletin No. 2006-005
To:              All State Directors and Assistant Directors
                   Attention: Washington Office Group Managers and Recreation Leads
From:          Group Manager, Recreation and Visitor Services     
Subject:       American Recreation Coalition Announces the Beacon Awards in Conjunction with Great Outdoors Week,
June 11–16, 2006                                                                                                             DD: 03/01/2006
Program Area(s): Recreation, Travel, Tourism and Visitor Services.
Purpose: This Information Bulletin announces a new award that the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) will present during Great Outdoors Week (June 11 - 16, 2006) in Washington, D.C. The new Beacon Award is designed to recognize innovation in the use of technology in visitor services and recreation management.
Timeframe: During the first quarter of Calendar Year 2006 each State Office and WO Assistant Director will receive a formal Instruction Memorandum inviting the submission of nominations for both the Beacon Awards and the BLM Legends Honoree. Nominations must be submitted to the ARC no later than March 1, 2006.
Budget Impact: If either the BLM Beacon Award recipients or the BLM Legends Honoree are from the Field, the impact to the budget could involve one week of travel expenses and per diem for the recipients who will be formally recognized at several events during Great Outdoors Month in Washington, D.C.
Background: During Great Outdoors Week 2005, the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) awarded two initial Beacon Awards recognizing innovative use of technology in visitor services and recreation management. These new awards implemented a recommendation of the Partners Outdoors 2005 session, where participants felt that a new awards program, jointly administered by ARC and federal agencies hosting more than a billion recreation visits annually, would encourage experimentation with and use of new technologies and alternative communications channels to enhance visitor experiences and improve recreation program management. In 2006 and subsequent years, recreation-related federal agencies may nominate two outstanding initiatives where new technologies provide improved, cost-effective solutions to recreation program needs. 
Beacon award criteria include:
·             Innovation in either:
                   a) Use of technology for visitor services or
b) Use of technology for recreation management
                             Maximum points: 50
·                   Partnerships with for-profit and nonprofit organizations in the private sector.
                             Maximum points: 20
·                   Efforts to share news of creative solutions within the agency.
                             Maximum points: 15
·                   Community support for the work of this initiative, as reflected in awards, community boards and committees, etc.
                             Maximum points: 15
Coordination: An interdisciplinary team will be established to review all of the BLM’s nominees. The Team will recommend up to two Beacon Award nominees whose names will be forwarded to the ARC. Final selection of honorees will be done by a special panel assembled by ARC. The BLM Beacon Award Honorees will be recognized at a special ceremony during Great Outdoors Week in June, 2006.
Contact: For more information please contact Hal Hallett, WO 250, National Recreation and Visitor Services Group, 1849 C Street, N.W., MS 302 LS, Washington, D.C. 20240, by telephone at (202) 452-7794 or by E-mail at Hal_Hallett@blm.gov.
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Robert T. Ratcliffe
Robert M. Williams
Group Manager, Recreation and Visitor Services
Policy and Records Group,WO-560
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