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July 27, 2006
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1619 (830) P
Information Bulletin No. 2006-115
To:                   All Field Officials
From:               Assistant Director, Business and Fiscal Resources
Subject:            Request for Submissions for the Proposed Best Management Practices Initiative                                    DD: 10/20/2006
The purpose of this Information Bulletin (IB) is to showcase selected Best Management Practices (BMP) and to solicit submissions for proposed BMPs in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). A BMP is an innovative work practice that:
  • Produces superior performance;
  • Fulfills the BLM’s mission; and
  • Addresses customer and stakeholder requirements/expectations.
A BMP is applied to any BLM process, practice, or system that is performed exceptionally well and improves organizational performance and efficiency. The objective of this request is to acknowledge BMPs and to collect, evaluate, transfer, implement, recognize, and showcase these BMPs throughout the BLM. To learn more about BMPs, visit the BMP website at http://web.wo.blm.gov/ms1/index.htm.
Employees are strongly encouraged to share their BMPs by submitting their proposals online by October 20, 2006. The BMPs should be measured in terms of:
  • Innovation: How does the proposed BMP address the stated problem? Is the approach truly innovative in addressing the stated problem?
  • Transferability: How can this BMP be easily and effectively applied or adapted in other regions or at different scales?
  • Conservation Impact: Does the BMP have a significant impact on a key conservation need or problem? 
  • Durability: How will the impact or effect of the BMP last over time?
  • Value: What were the outcomes or successes of this BMP and were cost effectiveness and quantitative results attained?
  • Challenges: Were there any unique or unexpected challenges in implementing this BMP?
  • Tribal Benefit: What was the extent of benefit to community, tribes, land, or resources managed by BLM, customer service, or organization?
  • Customer Recognition: Is the BMP recognized by customers, partners, stakeholders, peers, or media?
Proposed BMPs are submitted by completing a form available online at http://web.wo.blm.gov/surveys/wo830/bp_sub_rep.htm. Submissions will be evaluated by the Washington Office Division of Evaluations and Management Services (WO-830) and subject matter experts at all levels of the organization. If selected, the BMPs will be showcased on the BMP website. Employees who submit BMPs will be appropriately recognized.  
Four examples are provided that highlight some of the BLM’s innovative and positive practices. They are available for review at   http://web.wo.blm.gov/ms1/wo830_current/bestpractices/bpnominationform.htm. These examples include: Two Wild Horse and Burro BMPs, one Fire BMP, and one Lands/Realty BMP. Note: Cultural Resources has a potential BMP that is being field tested.
Congratulations to the following employees for submitting BMPs:
·        Thor Stephensen – Landscape Use of Prescribed Fire;
·        Alan Shepherd – Wild Horse Long-Term Adoption Pilot Project;
·        Jay D’Ewart – Cooperative Wild Horse Management; and
·        Michael Robinson – Realty Case File Processing.
If you have any questions, please call Tom Steger, Division Chief, WO-830, at (202) 452-5021, or Tony Mayfield, Management Analyst, WO-830, at
(202) 452-5166.
Signed by:                                                       
Authenticated by:
Michael A. Ferguson                                       
Robert M. Williams
Assistant Director                                            
Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Business and Fiscal Resources

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