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July 14, 2006
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8300 (250) P
Instruction Bulletin No. 2006-104
To:                   All Field Offices
Attn: Recreation and National Landscape Conservation System Staff
From:               Chief, Division of Recreation and Visitor Services
Subject:           Toolbox for the Great Outdoors, Second Edition
Program Area: Recreation, Travel, Tourism and Visitor Services and National Landscape Conservation System
Purpose: This directive announces that the Toolbox for the Great Outdoors Second Edition (Toolbox) is now available online at www.tools4outdoors.us. The website is designed to help public land managers and partners, including nonprofit organizations, harness dozens of funding sources and other programs which can be used to connect twenty-first century Americans to public lands and to enhance visitor experiences.
Policy/Action: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has partnered with the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) and other federal agencies to make the Toolbox available.
Timeframe: Effective Immediately.
Budget Impact: The Division of Recreation and Visitor Services (WO-250) has budgeted $30,000 to make this tool available to all BLM staff and partners who wish to use this tool to leverage resources to improve recreation opportunities and access on public lands.
Background: The Division of Recreation and Visitor Services in cooperation with ARC and other federal partners is pleased to make this powerful Internet-based resource available to its Field Offices, staff and partners.   The Toolbox makes it relatively easy to locate the many programs available to supplement traditional appropriations and provide high quality recreation experiences to the public. This information will help state and field staff to develop partnerships, leverage resources, and build long-term, sustainable, collaborative management of recreation resources.

First developed in a CD-format in 2003, the Toolbox explains the use of 50 “tools” in seven “drawers” or categories and showcases dozens of examples of the successful use of these tools at recreation sites. The purpose of the Toolbox is to harness the power of new recreation tools to connect twenty-first century Americans to public lands and to enhance the way great experiences for visitors are delivered.
In 2006, sources for supplemental funding are more numerous and larger than ever. For example, the passage of a ten year recreation fee authority in December 2004 (Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act or REA) and the August 2005 passage of SAFETEA-LU create opportunities for several hundred million additional dollars each year for recreation and transportation enhancements.
The second edition of the Toolbox is expanded from four to seven “drawers” or project categories that showcase dozens of new tools and examples of their successful use on the ground. Especially exciting is a new focus on resources available in the health and safety and economic development arenas. The second edition of the Toolbox has its own website and will “grow” as those using the tools in the field add comments and case studies to benefit others. Updates that follow congressional and administration actions – and actions by states – will be added to the website regularly.
The seven interest areas or “drawers” which cover the spectrum of funding opportunities include:
  • Transportation
  • Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation
  • Volunteers and Partnerships
  • Youth Programs, Contests, Competitions and Internships
  • Health and Education
  • Economic Development and Effective Project Management
  • Technical Assistance
To access the Toolbox, go to http://www.tools4outdoors.us today and be one of the first to tap into the power of the Toolbox. Among the website features is the ability to sign up for periodic updates. These updates will not only provide notices as new information is added, but serve as an important reminder to consult this resource periodically.
Directives Affected: None.
Coordination: The BLM Division of Recreation and Visitor Services and other federal land management agencies have been working cooperatively with the ARC to develop and implement this resource. The 2006 Partners Outdoors session held at the National Training Center provided a formal venue for two days of discussions on the Toolbox.
Contact: Hal Hallett, Senior Outdoor Recreation Specialist, Division of Recreation and Visitor Services (WO-250), at (202) 452-7794.
Disclaimer: Check the BLM Directives Website to verify that this is the current directive before use.
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Gary Marsh                                                                 
Robert M. Williams
Deputy Division Chief                                                  
Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Recreation and Visitors Services

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