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March 30, 2006
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Information Bulletin No. 2006-078
To:                   All State Directors & Assistant Directors
                        Attention: WO Group Managers and Recreation Leads
From:               Assistant Director, Renewable Resources and Planning     
Subject:            “Get Fit with US” Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Program Area(s): Recreation, Travel, Tourism and Visitor Services
Purpose: This Information Bulletin announces the signing of the “Get Fit with US” Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM); the United States Forest Service (USFS); and the Outdoor Industry Foundation (OIF), the nonprofit arm of the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) on January 31, 2005. A copy of the signed MOU is included as Attachment 1.
The driving interest behind this campaign is to offer part of the solution to the national obesity crisis by encouraging active human-powered recreation on America’s public lands, as part of a healthy lifestyle and to encourage use and appreciation of the benefits provided by public lands. It is intended to promote public health and recreation (see attachments 2 & 3 pdf files). In 2002, President Bush launched the “Healthier US Initiative”. This initiative is aimed at helping individuals improve their physical fitness and nutrition, and increase their ability to make healthy choices. “Get Fit with US” supports the “Healthier US Initiative” by encouraging Americans, especially youth, to engage in physical activity through outdoor recreation.
Central to BLM’s part in implementing the Presidential “Healthier US Initiative” initiative the  BLM, USFS and OIF have entered into a MOU designed to promote healthful lifestyles by encouraging healthful recreational activities on BLM Public Lands and USFS Lands. The MOU establishes a national framework for guiding the development of mutually beneficial programs, projects, materials and activities that can be implemented by the BLM and USFS at the national, regional and local levels to promote healthful recreational activities.

The mission of this alliance is to increase participation in outdoor activities on public lands and waters and to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for all Americans with a special emphasis on youth. In order for the American public to become more aware of their public land opportunities, an important goal of  “Get Fit with US” is to raise the profile of America’s public lands and waters and to ensure that Americans understand that they’re welcome—and strongly encouraged—to utilize them.
The MOU provides the BLM, the USFS and the OIF the opportunity to:
1)      develop and enhance the messages and materials associated with the President’s “Healthier US” initiative;
2)      promote the diverse and numerous active outdoor recreation opportunities on public lands and waters;
3)      increase public awareness of the role outdoor recreation plays in contributing to healthy lifestyles; and
4)      increased participation in outdoor recreation on federal lands by all Americans, with special emphasis on youth.
Timeframe: The above named MOU was signed by all the cooperators on January 31, 2005 and is immediately effective.
Budget Impact:   The budget impact is limited to those discretionary costs that may occur as part of any activity that BLM offices may choose to undertake in conjunction with the Outdoor Industry Foundation.
While getting all Americans involved in active outdoor recreation is the focus of OIF, the objective of “Get Fit with US”  is to raise awareness and get Americans active on public lands and waterways (in particular the BLM and USFS). It is designed to be an awareness campaign that will make current and potential participants consider recreating (actively) on public lands. 
Outdoor Industry Foundation (OIF), the nonprofit arm of Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), is chartered with increasing participation in active outdoor recreation in America. Inactivity among youth and the widespread obesity crisis in particular are driving the need for a holistic effort to get people outside, active, and leading healthy lifestyles.  America’s public lands and waterways offer exceptional opportunities for American citizens and communities to do just that.     
Throughout the past few years, OIF has cultivated valuable partnerships with federal land and health agencies to promote outdoor activity on public lands. In June 2004, OIF hosted the national “Get Fit with US” event in collaboration with 7 federal land and water agencies, the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health and Human Services. This event celebrated the connection between public health and public lands and waterways. OIF formalized its partnership with the Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service through a MOU signed in January 2005, intending to jointly promote a campaign to “Get Fit with US”. OIF’s primary responsibility in this partnership is to develop the messaging, creative outreach materials and usage guidelines for  “Get Fit with US”. This Campaign Kit will then be used by the government agencies and their partners for their program implementation. It is also anticipated that several pilot projects in 2006 will include the active participation of OIF.
As part of BLM’s national accomplishments summary for “Healthier US, please forward a brief summary of all “Get Fit with US” projects/events as they occur.
Simple ways to participate include:
  • Include logo and link to Get Fit Information on BLM web sites
  • Include logo on external communication targeted to specific customers
  • Use banners at agency events
  • Use OIF Partners to provide volunteers for events and projects
  • Use OIF Partners to provide outreach for events and projects
  • Use OIF Partners to assist in planning, organizing and implementing events and projects
Benefits of the “Get Fit with US” MOU Implementation
  • Increased visibility for the individual and community benefits provided by BLM Public Lands and programs
  • Provide partnership assistance in delivery of outdoor recreation information and services
  • Build positive relationships with first time users of public lands and waters
  • Build positive relationships with non-profit and user groups
  • Increased awareness of BLM’s stewardship role of public lands and waterways
  • OIF will deliver outdoor recreation opportunity and use-ethics messages for BLM
  • OIF will assist in linking partners with BLM for supporting select projects or events
  • OIF will assist with press outreach
  • OIF has developed a comprehensive “Get Fit with US” communication campaign and brand for BLM and USFS use
  • OIF has developed a comprehensive style guide for BLM and USFS use. This includes ready to use messaging, taglines, logos, images, web graphics, brochure and web templates, full page outreach ads typography and suggested usages.
Please review attachment 4 – Get fit with US…… How to get there! This document includes:
§         Introduction
§         Campaign goals
§         Join us
§         Fitting in with “Healthier US”
§         The message
§         Partnerships and recruiting
§         Adapting the message
§         Visual requirements and guidelines
§         Samples and templates
Coordination: The BLM has been working with many other federal agencies under a separate MOU (Attachment 4) to implement “Get Fit with US”. This MOU adds the resources and support of the OIF to an ongoing campaign.
Contact: Angela West of the National Recreation Group is BLM’s “Get Fit with US” contact and program manager. If you would like assistance in using these tools and the OIF partner capacity for supporting an existing project or event, or if you would like assistance in developing and implementing new projects or events, please contact her at: (505) 842-3444.
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Thomas H. Dyer                                                          
Robert M. Williams
Deputy Assistant Director                                            
Division of IRM Governance,WO-560
Renewable Resources and Planning
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