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March 2, 2006
In Reply Refer To:
1240/5200 (WO-270) P
Information Bulletin No. 2006-073
To:              Assistant Directors, State Directors, and Center Directors
From:           Assistant Director, Renewable Resources and Planning
Subject:        Stewardship Contracting Management Control Review Action Plan                                       DD: 12/01/2005
Program Area: Forest and Woodland Management, and Fuels Management
Attached for your review is the action plan for the Management Control Review of Stewardship “End Results” Contracting tools. This review is required by the Assistant Secretary, Land and Minerals Management (ASLM) in the delegation of project approval from ASLM to State Directors (IM No. 2004-081, Change 1). As the management guidance and implementation tools used in stewardship contracting are relatively new, we will conduct a review involving the National Business Center and all the States over the next three years.
The primary objectives of the review are two-fold: (1) evaluate compliance and efficiency with the Delegation of Authority for Stewardship Contracting project approval by State Directors (IM No.2004-081, Change 1) and the Delegation of Authority for Contracting Officers (IM No.2005-134), and (2) evaluate the effectiveness of National policy and guidance for the implementation of stewardship contracting authority. 
The review team will examine contract files, interview BLM personnel and conduct project visits to insure that the project objectives are being met, that the product value determination and contract bonding is consistent with the guidance, and that receipts received are properly handled and documented.
The review team will consist of 5 team members, representing Management Systems, Acquisitions, Forestry, and Fuels, and a team leader (WO Stewardship Contracting Coordinator). State Office personnel in these disciplines may be requested to add depth to the team when reviewing States other than their own.

The annual and final reports will provide recommendations to improve performance and consistency in the application of the stewardship contracting tools, for both the States and the Washington Office. The review should also provide a baseline from which to judge the success in implementing recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the stewardship contracting tool.
The National Business Center and three States will be reviewed in 2006 and four other States would be reviewed in each of Fiscal Years 2007 and 2008. In February of each year, the review team will select 3 to 4 projects from each State being evaluated to be reviewed in depth. Each State Director will be briefed in a conference call prior to any site visits within their State to discuss the management control review process and any concerns they may have regarding the visits. The team will then spend a week visiting the selected project offices to review documents and conduct interviews, visiting 1 to 2 project work areas within the State. Prior to leaving the State, the team will provide the State Director with a draft report containing findings and recommendations for improvement at an exit briefing. The annual and final reports will be compiled summarizing the findings from all the State evaluations and recommending changes to the national guidance to improve effectiveness the stewardship contracting tools.
This Management Control Review is intended to complement the multi-party monitoring required by legislation, which analyzes the involvement of local and rural communities and other public collaborators in the development of the stewardship contracts and agreements. The BLM has entered into an assistance agreement with Northern Arizona University to complete the FY2005 monitoring in the near future, and a BLM/USFS contract has been awarded to the Pinchot Institute for the multi-party monitoring to be conducted over the next several years.
If there are any questions, please contact Scott Lieurance, Senior Forester at 452-0316 or Jason Powell, Management Analyst at
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Thomas H. Dyer                                          
Robert M. Williams
Deputy Assistant Director                              
Policy and Records Group,WO-560
Renewable Resources and Planning
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