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February 21, 2006
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8300 (250) P
Information Bulletin No. 2006-065
To:              All Field Officials
                   Attn: National Landscape Conservation System Director
                             Recreation and Engineering Advisors
From:          Group Manager, Recreation and Visitor Services Program
Subject:       Request for FY 2007 Project Proposals - US Forest Service San Dimas and Missoula Technology & Development  Centers (T&D) Program                                          DD: 02/28/06
Program Area: Recreation
Purpose: The purpose of this Information Bulletin (IB) is to solicit recreation related technology project proposals from BLM staff for consideration by the US Forest Service San Dimas and Missoula T&D Program for FY 2007.
Policy/Action: BLM staffs faced with recreation related problems that may be resolved by using technology are asked to complete and submit the attached form to be considered for financial and technical support by the San Dimas T&D Program.
Timeframe: Proposals must be submitted by close of business February 28, 2006. Please review this information and distribute as quickly as possible to a wide audience. Thank you for your quick attention in this matter, and for your understanding that there is a firm deadline. 
Budget Impact: Costs for the projects are covered by the San Dimas and Missoula T&D Centers and through national partnerships and cost-sharing agreements between the T&D Center and other federal agencies.
Background: The US Forest Service San Dimas and Missoula T&D program works to support the resolution of recreation related problems through the use of technological applications. The US Forest Service T&D Program annually offers agencies the opportunity to submit proposals for recreation related technology and development projects.

Several BLM project proposals have been selected for the work program in previous years. Once again, BLM has the opportunity to submit recreation related project proposals with a technological aspect that focus on resolution of problems specific to the submitting office. Proposals should describe how the work is currently being done, a proposed technology solution for the problem, and the expected benefits of solving the problem with technology. Attached to this document is the US Forest Service Project Proposal form with proposal criteria (Attachment 1) that must be used to structure the proposal documents. The form is required to provide consistency of information and to expedite the review process. All proposals are considered and approved on their individual merit, without regard to agency of origin.
Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: There are no manuals or handbooks affected by this bulletin.
Coordination: Coordination has included the Recreation and Visitor Services Program (WO 250), the National Landscape Conservation System (WO 170), and the National Science and Technology Center (NSTC). 
Project proposals should be submitted electronically or via fax directly to Vicki Josupait, Recreation Planner, National Science & Technology Center, Denver, Colorado. Vicki is acting on behalf of the National Recreation Group in receiving the proposals. All submissions are due by close of business on February 28, 2006. Vicki will coordinate the internal review and prioritization of the proposals in consultation with the Washington Office, and will ensure the proposals are sent to the US Forest Service T&D Program staff to meet their deadline.
Contact: Please direct any questions regarding this IB directly to Bob Ratcliffe, Group Manager, Recreation and Visitor Services Program at (202) 452-5040 or bob_ratcliffe@blm.gov.
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Robert T. Ratcliffe                                      
Robert M. Williams
Group Manager                                           
Policy and Records Group,WO-560
Recreation and Visitor Services Program
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