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December 30, 2005
In Reply Refer To:
1112, 1703 (360) P
Ref. IM No. 2005-159
Information Bulletin No. 2006-038
To:              All Field Officials
From:          Assistant Director, Minerals, Realty and Resource Protection
Subject:       Facility Compliance Status
Compliance Assessment - Safety, Health, and the Environment (CASHE) status update responses were requested by Instruction Memorandum (IM) WO 2005-159.   The Protection and Response Group (WO-360) has compiled the responses received from the field on the status of recommendations made during each organizational unit’s CASHE audit. This Information Bulletin provides field officials with the response compilation.
The CASHE status updates have been summarized by State to show the number of incomplete findings broken out by their priority level or risk assessment code for each organizational unit. Separate tables that describe each organizational unit’s incomplete findings along with its priority level/risk assessment code are included with the summary. These documents have already been transmitted to the Associate State Directors, Center Directors (as appropriate), Deputy State Directors, State Office Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Program Leads, and State Safety Managers via email.
The CASHE status update has and will continue to be used to:
1.     Identify CASHE recommendations that are eligible for deferred maintenance funding and program funding for their implementation. This will be done in close coordination with State and Field Offices’ engineering, HAZMAT, and safety staffs. From FY 2001-2005, the Protection and Response Group dispersed approximately $5,000,000 of deferred maintenance funding to implement CASHE recommendations that had not already been identified for funding in BLM’s Deferred Maintenance and Capital Improvement 5-Year Plan.  Current and subsequent funding is anticipated at $650,000 annually for implementation of CASHE corrective actions.
2.     Report BLM’s performance measure for facility compliance to the Department of the Interior (DOI). This goal calls for increasing the percentage of organizational units in “good safety, health, and environmental condition.” An Instruction Memorandum to update the status of CASHE findings will be sent to the field in May 2006 with a due date of July 28, 2006, so that the performance measure can be reported by the last week of September 2006 as required by the BLM.
In FY 2005, 78 percent of BLM organizational units met the standard for being in “good safety, health, and environmental condition.” The performance measure goal for FY 2005 was to have 82 percent in good safety, health, and environmental condition. For FY 2005 and subsequent years, an organizational unit is in good condition if it has completed all of its high priority CASHE findings. High priority CASHE findings are those findings with priority levels IA or IB, or risk assessment codes of 1 or 2. 
The FY 2005 performance is a decline from FY 2004, which was 87 percent in good condition. The decline in performance is attributed to the enforcement of a zero tolerance standard for incomplete high priority findings. FY 2005 was the first year the field must have all its high priority findings completed to be rated in good safety, health, and environmental condition.   Phasing in of this zero tolerance standard for incomplete high priority findings began in FY 2000 when an organizational unit could have five incomplete high priority findings and be rated in "good" condition. Each fiscal year since FY 2000 the good condition standard has been reduced by one. 
Making the standard for “good condition” more stringent is consistent with a recommendation in the Department’s Inspector General Report Improvements Needed In Developing and Reporting on GPRA Goals and Measures dated September 2002. This report stated the following related to the CASHE goal, “we believe that the number of high priority uncorrected findings should be zero before a facility is classified as being in “good” condition.”
Attachment 1 is a table showing the number of organizational units that have had CASHE audits completed and the number of organizational units in good safety, health, and environmental condition in each State. Four States (Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming) and the Washington Office met or exceeded the FY 2005 performance goal of 82 percent or more of their organizational units in good condition. 
The BLM’s long-term goal is to increase the percentage of organizational units in good condition by 2 percent a year over the previous year’s result. Improvements in performance are expected as a result of: (1) identification of a portion of Deferred Maintenance funding to implement CASHE recommendations; and (2) the annual issuance of a Facility Compliance Progress Reports to all organizational units that summarizes their incomplete findings.

This is the sixth consecutive year for issuance of these facility compliance progress reports. The Field Offices should be proud of their long-term performance trend. In the first year only 59 percent of organizational units were rated in good safety, health, and environmental condition compared with 78 percent in FY 2005. The Field Offices are also commended for their timely responses to the CASHE Status Update.
Implementation of CASHE Recommendations: In accordance with IM WO 2005-159, organizational units are expected to complete or request funding for completion of all high priority CASHE recommendations within one-year of their receipt of the Final CASHE Report for their office. However in order to better align with the budget cycle so that CASHE corrective actions can be included in the Planning Target Allocation, the IM will be modified in FY 2006 to indicate funding requests must be made within 4 months of receipt of the Final CASHE Report.
Questions on the CASHE status update should be directed to Ken Morin, CASHE Program Lead at (303) 236-6418.
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Thomas P. Lonnie                                       
Robert M. Williams
Assistant Director                                       
Policy and Records Group,WO-560
Minerals, Realty and Resource Protection
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