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October 20, 2005
In Reply Refer To:
2860 (350) P
Information Bulletin No. 2006-007
To:              All Field Officials
From:          Group Manager, Lands and Realty
Subject:       Calendar Year (CY) 2006 Communication Uses Rental Schedule
Program Area: Rights-of-Way
The calendar year 2006 rental schedule for communication uses is attached as a Microsoft Word document (Attachment 1). The schedule provides rental rates by population zones for various communication uses and reflects the annual adjustment based upon the change in the Consumer Price Index, All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), up 3.2 percent from July 2004 to July 2005. Regulations in 43 CFR 2806.30(a)(2) state that rental payments will be updated annually based on the change in the CPI-U and Ranally Metro Area (RMA) rankings.
The 3.2 percent increase should also be applied to any rental value established by other methods if, by the terms of the authorization, the annual rent is indexed to the CPI-U.
Field Offices should reproduce the schedule locally and copies made available to applicants or holders as appropriate or as requested. The schedule will also be posted on the BLM Washington Office external web page at http://www.blm.gov/nhp/what/lands/realty/management.htm under the Lands and Realty section.
Ranally Metro Areas (RMAs)
Attachment 2 shows the cities, grouped by population strata, that have been designated Ranally Metro Areas for 2006. Please note that the Indio, CA RMA and the Santa Fe, NM RMA are both now included in the 100,000 to 299,999 population strata. Consult the latest edition of the Rand McNally Road Atlas to obtain the population of cities and communities not listed as an RMA.
All cities that have had changes in population are listed below:
Cities (RMA’s added):
Cities that increased in population:
Dallas, TX (incl. Fort Worth) up to 5,000,000 plus
Jacksonville, FL up to 1,000,000-2,499,999
Oklahoma City, OK up to 1,000,000-2,999,999
Charlston, SC up to 500,000-999,999
McAllen, TX up to 500,000-999,999 with or without Reynosa, MEX
Newport News, VA (incl. Hampton) up to 500,000-999,999
Sarasota, FL (incl. Bradenton) up to 500,000-999,999
Daytona Beach, FL up to 300,000-499,999
Lancaster, PA up to 300,000-499,999
Port Huron, MI-CAN (incl. Sarnia CAN) up to 100,000-299,999 with or without Sarnia CAN
Indio, CA (incl. Coachella) up to 100,000-299,999
Santa Fe, NM up to 100,000-299,999
Findley, OH up to 50,000-99,999
Waterville, ME up to 50,000-99,999
Cities that decreased in population:
          Decatur, IL down to 50,000-99,999
Parkersburg, WV-OH down to 50,000-99,999
Please refer to the revised right-of-way regulations at 43 CFR 2806.30 through 2806.50 for guidance on the sitting and administration of communication uses. The regulations can be found at the following BLM web site: http://www.blm.gov/nhp/what/lands/realty/rowcr/.
Note: The rent payment options outlined in the new right-of-way regulations at 2806.23, only apply to linear ROW, not communication site ROW.
Please address any questions regarding the contents of this IB to Rick Stamm at (202) 452-5185 or Bil Weigand at (208) 373-3862. 
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Authenticated by:
Jeff Holdren
Robert M. Williams
Group Manager, Lands and Realty
Policy and Records Group,WO-560
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