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September 29, 2005
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Information Bulletin No. 2006-001
To:              Assistant Directors, State and Center Directors
                   Attn: State Environmental Education Coordinators, Public Affairs Officers
From:           Environmental Education & Volunteers
Subject:        Get Energized! CD-ROM Program
The CD-ROM, Get Energized!, an interactive computer program, is now available at PMDS (inventory number EE 5005). Copies of the CD-ROM can be ordered in quantities of up to ten by filling out the form found at http://web.blm.gov/internal/wo-600/00_wo650_ee/reference/pmds_list.html. If more than 10 copies are required, please contact Carolyn Cohen at 202-785-6583, or carolyn_cohen@blm.gov. The program will also be available on the BLM website in the near future.
Get Energized!, developed by the BLM’s Campbell Creek Science Center, located in Anchorage, Alaska, is designed to increase the user’s knowledge and understanding of energy and to empower him or her to take personal actions that will help address our nation’s energy challenges. Through engaging and entertaining formats, the program enables users to discover more about energy in a self-directed way. It is designed to provide both formal and non-formal educators with opportunities for exploring and learning more about energy topics. 
The CD-ROM also includes an educator’s guide that coordinates additional activities with the various sections of the program and relates them to national science and social studies standards. 
Below are a few examples of how you can utilize Get Energized!:
·        Distribute to educators in your area for classroom use.
·        Promote the program when attending educational or energy-related conferences by demonstrating it or having copies available.
·        When available on-line, link to your education/energy websites.
·        Encourage related partner organizations to link to the program, when available on-line.
The program is divided into the following three main sections:
An Energy Snapshot—a short video introduction to energy - a great way to energize your audience.
Watt Do You Know?!—a quick quiz that lets viewers test their knowledge of energy.
Powering Our Planet—a portal to six other segments to explore:
Energy and Public Lands—a video that highlights the role of the Bureau of Land Management in providing energy for the nation.
The CEO Challenge—a game in which the player becomes the “Chief Electricity Officer” for a city with the job of selecting from a variety of energy sources to meet the city’s electricity needs.
New Technology—a video-based segment that illustrates the ongoing role of technology in addressing our energy challenges. This segment also highlights personal actions that can help meet our energy needs.
Conservation and You—a cartoon house that visitors explore to uncover ways to make it more energy efficient.
Alaska’s Energy Story—a series of video segments that showcase Alaskan’s use of energy and the development of oil and gas on the North Slope.
Global Energy Connections—profiles of six countries that include statistics and short video segments. This section reminds viewers that energy issues confront everyone on the planet.
Three states CO, NM, and CA are developing state-specific energy stories to be used in conjunction with the “Get Energized” CD-ROM program. When completed, these supplemental programs will be made available to you, also in CD format. If you are interested in developing a customized energy story for your state, please contact Carolyn Cohen at 202-785-6583, or carolyn_cohen@blm.gov.
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Barbara J. Brown
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Environmental Education & Volunteers

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