Directors Office Instruction Memoranda
What Are Instruction Memoranda? They are temporary directives that supplement the Bureau Manual Sections. Instruction Memoranda:
  • contain new policy or procedures that must reach BLM employees quickly,
  • interpret existing policies or
  • provide one-time instructions.

They are issued only when urgency compels release of a directive before the information can be incorporated into a Manual Section or when the issue treated is a one time occurrence.

There are two kinds of IMs -- WO (National) which apply to all of BLM and Director's Office (DO) which apply only to Washington Office operations.

DO Instruction Memos
DOIM 2009-002, WO Controlled Correspondence
DOIM 2008-005, Cost Containment for Federal Express
DOIM 2007-001, Availability of Government Printing Office (GPO) Contract for Copying
DOIM 2007-006, Web Governance — Washington Office (WO) and National Center Specific Policies
DOIM 2006-003, Washington Office (WO) Hazard Communication Program
DOIM 2006-002, Ch. 1, Charge Card Standard Operating Procedures
DOIM 2006-002, Charge Card Standard Operating Procedures

We have also established an archive of DO IMs. Unlike the other Directives, due to the extremely small number of these issued, we have combined all years into one file which is one compressed file in the zip format. You can use any common uncompressor to uncompress the file. The file has an index (not hyperlinked) to each file showing its contents. This archive is intended to be used for research purposes since in most cases the effective period of the Directive is over.