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2005 Final Regulations and Correcting Amendments

  1. 43 CFR Part 1600--Land Use Planning, 3/23/05, Federal Register, 70 FR 14561-14567
  2. 43 CFR Part 1820--Application Procedures, Execution and Filing of Forms:  Correction of State Office Addresses for Filings and Recordings, Proper Offices for Recording of Mining Claims, 11/17/05, Federal Register, 70 FR 69687-69688  [administrative final rule]
  3. 43 CFR Part 1820--Application Procedures, 8/5/05, Federal Register, 70 FR 45312-45313  [administrative final rule]
  4. 43 CFR Part 2800, et al--Rights-of-way, Principles and Procedures; Rights-of-way Under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act and the Mineral Leasing Act, 4/22/05, Federal Register, 70 FR 20969-21091.
  5. 43 CFR Parts 3000, 3100 et al.--Oil and Gas Leasing: Geothermal Resources Leasing; Coal Management; Management of Solid Minerals Other Than Coal; Mineral Materials Disposal; and Mining Claims Under the General Mining Laws [also known as cost recovery], 10/7/05, Federal Register, 70 FR 58853-58880.
  6. 43 CFR Part 3100--Oil and Gas Leasing:  Onshore Oil and Gas Operations--Fees, Rentals and Royalty Stripper Well Royalty Reductions Retention of Records, 9/7/05, Federal Register, 70 FR 53072-53074.
  7. Interim Final Rule 43 CFR Part 3140--Leasing in Special Tar Sand Areas, 10/7/05, Federal Register, 70 FR 58610-58616.
  8. 43 CFR Part 3834--Mining Claim and Site Maintenance and Location Fees--Fee Adjustment, 9/1/05, Federal Register, 70 FR 52028-52030. 



This is an interim final rule. Although the rule is effective upon publication, there is a 60-day comment period that starts on the date of publication.  After the comment period, we will review the comments and may issue a further final rule making any necessary changes.

2005 Correcting Amendments