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2004 Final Regulations

  1. 43 CFR Part 2930--Permits for Recreation on Public Lands, 2/6/04, Federal Register, 69 FR 5702-5707
  2. 43 CFR Parts 3830 and 3834--Location, Recording, and Maintenance of Mining Claims or Sites, 7/1/04, Federal Register, 69 FR 40293-40296 


  • 43 CFR Part 2930--Permits for Recreation on Public Lands (Federal Register, 2/6/04, 69 FR 5702-5707).  This final rule--

    • Amends the BLM regulations on Special Recreation Permits by changing the maximum term for these permits to 10 years instead of 5 years.  The reason for this change is to add a reasonable expectation of continuity for outfitters, guides, and other small businesses that provide services to recreationists on public lands.
    • Amends the BLM regulations on Recreation Use Permits for fee areas by adding a section on prohibited acts and penalties.  This new provision is necessary to give BLM law enforcement personnel authority to cite persons who do not pay fees or otherwise do not follow the regulations on Recreation Use Permits.