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2000 Final Regulations and Correcting Amendments

  1. 43 CFR Part 1880-Financial Assistance, Local Governments--Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT), 8/23/00, 65 FR 51229-51234
  2. 43 CFR Parts 2090, 2200, 2710, 2740, 3800 and 9260--Mining Claims Under the General Mining Laws; Surface Management, 11/21/00, 65 FR 69997-70132
  3. 43 CFR Part 2560-Alaska Native Veterans, 6/30/00, 65 FR 40953-40966
  4. 43 CFR Part 3500--Leasing of Solid Minerals Other Than Coal and Oil Shale, 8/18/00, 65 FR 50446-50449
  5. 43 CFR Parts 6300 and 8560--Wilderness Management, 12/14/00, 65 FR 78357-78376
  6. Interim Final Supplementary Rules for Public Land Within Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and At Associated Facilities, Cedar City Field Office, Utah, 9/1/00, 65 FR 53515-53521

This final rule amends the regulations to--

    • Improve the clarity and organization;
    • Address technical advances in mining;
    • Incorporate policies developed after we issued the previous regulations 20 years ago; and
    • Better protect natural resources and our Nation's natural heritage lands from the diverse impacts of mining.

We intend these regulations to prevent unnecessary or undue degradation of BLM-administered lands by mining operations authorized under the mining laws.

2000 Correcting Amendments