BLM State Fact Sheets on Sage-grouse Conservation

The BLM manages sage-grouse habitat through eight state offices in the Western U.S.  These offices have prepared summaries of their sage-grouse conservation efforts.  The fact sheets describe resource management plans, environmental impact statements, and cooperative efforts with state and local agencies to preserve sage-grouse habitat. Each fact sheet includes a map showing sage-grouse distribution within specific states.  Click on the links or the images to download individual fact sheets (PDF).


BLM California Fact Sheet on Sage-GrouseCalifornia
New resource management plans in northeastern California include a strong focus on sage-grouse, sagebrush, and sagebrush-related species.

Colorado Sage-Grouse Fact SheetColorado
BLM manages nearly half of the State's sage-grouse habitat, including key areas of the Gunnison sage-grouse. Efforts focus on working with multiple stakeholders on conservation actions for both species in the state.

Idaho Sage Grouse Fact SheetIdaho
Sage-grouse conservation efforts include collaborative restoration projects, surveys, research, and monitoring on Federal, State, private and Tribal lands.

Montana BLM Fact Sheet on Sage-GrouseMontana/

The BLM has developed a template to analyze RMP alternatives,  priority protection areas for sage-grouse, restoration priority areas, and general habitat areas.

Fact Sheet on Sage-Grouse in NevadaNevada 
The State Office is conducting threat assessments to sage-grouse habitat, mapping sagebrush plant communities and restoring existing sage-grouse habitat.

BLM Oregon Fact Sheet on Sage-GrouseOregon/

The Oregon-Washington State Office was a partner in the Oregon Conservation Strategy and conducts large-scale juniper treatments to reduce invasive species.

Utah BLM Sage-Grouse Fact Sheet

BLM-Utah has developed a sage-grouse policy working group consisting of BLM wildlife biologists, resource specialists, and managers from around the State, as well as representatives from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Wyoming BLM lSage-Grouse Fact Sheet

The State Office works closely with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and public and private partners in adaptive management approach to habitat conservation, restoration, and enhancement.

Fire and Aviation Fact Sheet on Sagebrush

Office of
Fire and

It’s not possible to eliminate all fire from sagebrush, nor is it advisable. BLM’s aim is to limit the damage from unwanted wildfires in sagebrush habitat by thorough planning before a fire, prompt action during the fire, and effective rehabilitation of a burned area after the fire.





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