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Release Date: 01/23/14
Contacts: Byron Loosle , (202) 912-7240  
  Amy Krause , (202) 912-7236  

BLM Proposes to Extend the Deadline for Revising Protocol Agreements with State Historic Preservation Offices

Washington, D.C. – The Bureau of Land Management is proposing to extend the deadline for revising state-specific protocols that guide the BLM’s compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act.

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 requires that the Bureau of Land Management and other Federal agencies take into consideration the effects of actions on historic and cultural resources and allow the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (Council) an opportunity for comment.  Under the national programmatic agreement the BLM, the Council, and the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Offices agreed that protocols would be revised two years after the agreement was signed in February, 2012.

The national programmatic agreement governs the agency’s activities on federal, state and private lands that may impact historic properties, including those historic properties of traditional religious and cultural significance to Tribes.

The BLM is working with State Historic Preservation Offices to revise state-specific protocols which implement the national programmatic agree on a state-by-state basis.

The BLM is well on the way to completing the revision process including tribal consultation and an opportunity for the public and the Council to comment prior to signing the revised protocols. However, additional time is needed to complete all of the protocols.  The BLM proposes to revise the protocol revision deadline to February 9, 2015 and to amend the programmatic agreement to reflect the new date.

The BLM would appreciate comments on this proposed extension on or before Feb. 4, 2014. Please send them to Robin Hawks, via email at:

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Last updated: 01-23-2014