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The Healthy Lands Initiative represents a new concept for meeting emerging challenges in managing natural resources with flexible, landscape-level approaches for continued multiple use.

The President’s 2008 budget requests a substantial increase of $15 million in funding for the BLM to begin implementing the Initiative in six specific geographic areas to demonstrate the new approach. Projects will be located in New Mexico ($3.5 million), Wyoming ($4.5 million), Utah ($2.0 million), Oregon/Idaho/Nevada ($1.9 million), southern Idaho ($1.8 million) and Colorado ($1.3 million). Projects include landscape-scale efforts such as restoration of habitat, weed management, and improvement of riparian areas.

The BLM has prepared 2-page fact sheets on each of the projects in the Initiative, as well as a National fact sheet. Each includes maps and details on the region, as well as funding plans. To download these fact sheets, click on the one of the links below.

Healthy Lands Initiative Fact Sheets

National1.1 Mb
Wyoming--Green River Basin2.0 Mb
New Mexico Landscape Restoration--Permian Basin1.2 Mb
New Mexico Landscape Restoration--San Juan Basin1.2 Mb
Utah Watershed Restoration Initiative 3.2 Mb
Oregon-Idaho-Nevada Shrub Steppe Restoration  1.4 Mb

Southern Idaho - Snake River Plain

2.0 Mb  
Colorado Landscape Conservation820 Kb

These files are high resolution for printing.  For a low-resolution version of all the fact sheets for viewing on a computer screen, select this link. (2.0 Mb )

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