Stories From the Field:  Alaska

The BLM manages 75 million surface acres in Alaska, more than 30% of all BLM-managed lands. The relative newness of the state, its unique legislative history, magnificent and vast landscapes, minimal infrastructure, and sheer bounty of its natural resources set the stage for a unique program of public land management.  


Thumbnail photo of men working with surveying instruments near a parked helicopter.Alaska Land Transfer
By Ramona Chinn and Christy Favorite

About 10 years after Alaska became a state, the discovery of huge oil reserves on the North Slope prompted a call for development.  Before development could commence, however, Congress had to address the Alaskan Native land claims.

Thumbnail image of sled dogs at the start of the Iditarod sled raceIditarod Centennial
By Kevin Keeler

The Iditarod National Historic Trail is unique in Alaskan and American history.  Once one of the main lifelines between frontier Alaskan boom towns, much of it now crosses a vast boreal landscape abandoned to nature's ways.