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Stories from the Field

These stories help to explain the BLM's vital role nationwide and in local communities.  Contributors include employees from the field, past BLM directors and state directors, former employees and others who have sincere and engaging stories about their work. These stories focus on specific examples of the kind of work the BLM does. More stories are available by going into specific topics, such as Law Enforcement, by using the navigation on the right.

Because many of these stories are about the personal experiences of authors working for various administrations in the past, they may not reflect the current policy of the BLM.

To access more stories, please click on the topic areas listed under “Stories from the Field” on the right navigation bar.  You can find the most recent material by clicking this link.


Thumbnail image of a mobile home.From LANDS AND REALTY
History of the Mustang Ranch: 
From a Bothersome Brothel to a River Restored

By Mark Struble

Only in Nevada could the BLM turn a property containing a world-famous cathouse into a gem of river restoration.


Thumbnail photo of a bird.From ECOSYSTEMS
BLM’s Landscape Approach and Ecoregional Assessments
By Joe Tague

Since 2006, the BLM has been transitioning to a landscape management approach, recognizing the need to work across jurisdictions and beyond individual projects. 


Thumbnail photo of a man giving a thumbs-up near a tree.From CADASTRAL
In Search of Original Evidence
By Dominica Van Koten, with Marshall Bolte

Finding original evidence from surveys completed more than 200 years ago is a testament to the incredible undertaking of the General Land Office and the foresight of the founding fathers of our country.

Thumbnail photo of a small plane releasing fire retardant.From FIRE
Ag Planes Provide a Valuable Tool for BLM’s Firefighting Toolbox

The mobility, speed, and accuracy of single engine air tankers (SEATs) make them ideal for fighting fires on the expansive BLM lands in the West.


Thumbnail photo of two standing men looking at a document.From ENERGY
Looking for Gold in the Wilderness
By Alan Rabinoff

In 1990, the year the Muggins Mountain Wilderness was designated, there was also a legacy of mining interest in the area -- placer mining claims located under the 1872 mining law.            

 Thumbnail of a frog on grass.
Evolution of a Biologist
By Tim Carrigan

A new vision for BLM wildlife management was cast with the release of the “Fish and Wildlife 2000” plan.  Seemingly overnight, we were managing for species beyond mule deer, elk, pronghorn, and bighorn sheep.


Thumbnail image of a woman.From SOCIAL RESOURCES
Leading by Example:  Volunteers and Friends Groups!
By Dave Hunsaker

In 1984, the Friends of Red Rock Canyon (FORRC) tentatively took shape.  Today, FORRC members are an invaluable partner for the BLM.


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