Our Heritage, Our Future

A Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the General Land Office and the 150th Anniversary of the Homestead Act

A Unique History 
The Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) history website is a collection of the stories, traditions and heritage that tell the unique history of the public lands. We encourage you to read and experience the personal essays, interactive features, and other materials presented here.

New Material
A list of the latest Stories from the Field and Features posted on Our Heritage, Our FutureGo to list »

Stories from the Field




A collection of essays from BLM employees
around the country who share their 
unique “living histories.”  More »

General Land Office




Celebrate 200 years of public lands and learn 
why the General Land Office, created in 1812, 
is very much relevant today.  More »

Westward Expansion



This special article traces the westward 
expansion of the American frontier and brings 
us up to 1946, the creation of BLM.  More »

History Features



Highlights include essays, historic sites to visit and Opportunity and Challenge, a history of the 
BLM published in 1988.  More »

Homestead Act




Free government land helped shape the nation 
150 years ago.  Explore homesteaders’ stories 
and the BLM’s role in preserving them.  More » 

Interactive Timeline




This interactive timeline traces 200 years of 
public land history, highlighting key moments, 
through pictures and videos.  More »  

About the BLM's History Project
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), created in 1946 through a merger of the General Land Office (GLO) and the U.S. Grazing Service, has roots going back to the creation of the GLO in 1812.  In celebration of 200 years of land management, the BLM presents this website -- a collection of the stories, traditions and heritage that make up our unique history.  BLM employees, current and retired, have contributed to this labor of love and many more will continue to add their unique histories over time.