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The following links have been identified by BLM Librarians as potentially useful to individuals working on or interested in the BLM's Greater sage-grouse conservation initiative. For additional resources, visit the BLM Library's Greater sage-grouse subject guide main page.

We continue to add resources to our subject guides; please send us suggestions for additional links to include here.

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Male Greater sage-grouse on the Burns District, BLM-Oregon

BLM sage-grouse and sagebrush conservation

Outlines the Bureau's initiative for Greater sage-grouse and sagebrush habitat conservation. Includes pages focusing on conservation, documents and resources, news and information, and frequently asked questions. Also includes links to BLM sage-grouse conservation programs by state.


The Birds of North America Online: Greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus)

This subscription resource is available to BLM users only. Species profile for Greater sage-grouse, including species description, natural history, behavior, and management. The Birds of North America Online is a database from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the American Ornithologists' Union.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Greater Sage-grouse Studies

Research on Greater sage-grouse from the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, part of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Recovery and Conservation Plans

Numerous resources available from the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife, part of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. Find links at the "Greater sage-grouse" heading, partway down the page in the "Birds" table.


Great Basin Fire Science Exchange and Secretarial Order 3336 Science Support Center

Scientific information portal focused on sagebrush ecosystem management, created in response to a Secretarial Order that "sets forth enhanced policies and strategies for preventing and suppressing rangeland fire and for restoring sagebrush landscapes impacted by fire across the West."


Idaho Fish and Game: Sage-grouse Conservation and Management

Strategy, plans, maps, and more information supporting the state of Idaho's Greater sage-grouse conservation and management.


Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks: Sage Grouse Management

Includes links to the state of Montana's final management plan and revised environmental assessment pertaining to sage-grouse management and conservation.


Nevada Department of Wildlife: Sage Grouse Conservation

Information from the state of Nevada, including a Greater sage-grouse habitat categorization map, conservation projects, and planning efforts.


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife: Greater Sage-grouse

Provides links to documents and maps supporting the Oregon Greater sage-grouse conservation assessment and strategy, as well as local implementation team minutes and information on sage-grouse in Oregon.


Sage-grouse Genetic Structure: Research of Dr. Krissy Bird

Includes downloads of research performed by the website author, focusing on genetics and population structure.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) Species Profile

Profiles the Greater sage-grouse, including population details and conservation plans.


U.S. Geological Survey: SAGEMAP

Database of spatial data needed for research and management of sage-grouse and shrubsteppe systems.


U.S. Geological Survey and BLM: Wyoming Basin Rapid Ecoregional Assessment

U.S.G.S. Open-File Report 2015-1155; Chapter 23 focuses on Greater sage-grouse


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources: Sage-grouse Conservation and Management

Provides links to the state of Utah's conservation and management plans, local working groups, GIS data, and management guidelines.


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: Greater Sage-grouse Ecology

Includes publications and project information for Washington State Greater sage-grouse conservation efforts.


Wyoming Game and Fish Department: Sagebrush/Sage Grouse Management

Provides links to plans, maps, updates, and other information pertaining to the state of Wyoming's Greater sage-grouse conservation efforts.

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