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The purpose of this subject guide is to lead the practitioner or researcher to information on Greater sage-grouse natural history and management, in support of the BLM's Greater sage-grouse conservation initiative. Information resources presented here include - but are not limited to - scientific literature, planning and NEPA documents, and BLM directives. New items will be added as they become available. For assistance with the resources presented here, please contact the BLM Library at

Click to visit the BLM Greater sage-grouse conservation website for more information, including final environmental impact statements (EIS).

Policy and Legal Resources

Documents and resources for the Greater sage-grouse conservation initiative
Including foundational documents for the BLM's conservation initiative, documents from partner agencies, habitat GIS data, and maps.

Identified by BLM librarians, these documents provide guidance and short-term policy, including Instruction Memoranda (IMs), Information Bulletins (IBs), BLM manual sections, and BLM handbooks. Some of these documents are available only to BLM employees.

2011-2014 Greater sage-grouse Planning Strategy Team (DOI Connect TeamSpace site)
Accessible to team members only; requires site permissions.

Planning and NEPA documents
Documents used by the BLM to develop land management strategies and fulfill requirements set by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA); idenitified by BLM librarians as potentially of interest to Greater sage-grouse researchers.

Code of Federal Regulations
Browse CFR sections cited by BLM directives relevant to Greater sage-grouse habitat management. The CFR compiles administrative law published in the Federal Register by United States executive departments and agencies. Title 43 deals specifically with rules and regulations from the Department of the Interior pertaining to public lands. Title 50 deals with wildlife and fisheries.

Scientific Resources

Greater Sage-grouse Bibliography
Selected titles from the scientific literature pertaining to Greater sage-grouse. Over 250 articles have been identified by BLM librarians and the list continues to grow. Links are provided where applicable; for assistance locating articles, contact the BLM Library at


Databases and Journals
Databases amass articles from a variety of journals and other publications. These are subscription resources available only to BLM employees. For troubleshooting or research assistance, contact the BLM Library at Our site includes lists of journal titles held by the library, organized by subject. Relevant titles may be found on our lists for:


Selected Links
Additional Web resources relevant to Greater sage-grouse, selected by BLM librarians.

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