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Technical Notes

Begun in 1966 as a forum for BLM employees, technical notes encompass resource management topics such as ecological surveys, inventories, and monitoring; analytical methods and techniques; applied research; resource assessments; risk management; and model interpretation and estimation. Each technical note deals with a single subject.

We are in the process of digitizing the technical notes. Digital availability currently extends back to technical notes numbered in the mid-200s, published in the mid-1970s. Browse our collection of digitized technical notes or use the links in the tables below.

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Print copies of select technical notes may be available for purchase; for more information, contact the BLM's Printed Materials Distribution Services (PMDS) at or visit the PMDS website. Please note that some numbers were not assigned and have been omitted from this listing. Some technical notes, especially early ones, listed subject headings rather than a formal title and did not credit an author.

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Tech NoteTitleDateAuthor
448An Overview of Data Collection and Analysis Methods for Calculating the Volume of Mine Materials2016Frels
447Gray Clay (Malpass Clay) in the West Eugene Wetlands and the Willamette Valley is Weathered and Redeposited Ash from Mount Mazama2015Baitis, Retallack, and James

The Use of Color for Camouflage Concealment of Facilities

Supporting documents:

445AIM-Monitoring: A Component of the BLM Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring Strategy2014Taylor et al.
444Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone2014BLM
443Enhancement of Degraded Shrub-Steppe Habitats with an Emphasis on Potential Applicability in Eastern Washington2013Dunwiddie and Camp
442Cooper's Hawk and Long-eared Owl Nest Occupancy and Productivity in Piceance Basin, Colorado2013Smithers
441Overview of Cost Estimating for Abandoned Mine Lands and Hazardous Materials Cleanup Projects2011Innis
440BLM Core Terrestrial Indicators and Methods2011MacKinnon
439Developing a Resource Management and Monitoring Protocol for a Semiarid Landscape with Extensive Oil and Gas Development Potential2011Boone
438Upland Soil Erosion Monitoring and Assessment: An Overview2011Ypsilantis
436Recommendations for Improved Raptor Nest Monitoring in Association with Oil and Gas Development Activities2010Smith, Slater, and Neal
435Accipiter Use of Pinyon-Juniper Habitats for Nesting in Northwestern Colorado2010Slater and Smith
434Artificial Nest Structures as Mitigation for Natural Gas Development Impacts to Ferruginous Hawks (Buteo regalis) in South-Central Wyoming2010Neal, Smith, and Slater
433An Assessment of the Effects of Oil and Gas Field Activities on Nesting Raptors in the Rawlins, Wyoming, and Price, Utah, Field Offices of the Bureau of Land Management2010Smith, Slater, and Neal
432Raptor Nesting Near Oil and Gas Development: An Overview of Key Findings and Implications for Management Based on Four Reports by HawkWatch International2010Fuller
431Habitat Selection and Changes in the White-tailed and Black-tailed Prairie Dog Population within the Northern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming2009Harrell
430Guide for Quantifying Fuels in the Sagebrush Steppe and Juniper Woodlands of the Great Basin2009Stebleton and Bunting
429Helium Resources of the United States, 20072008Pacheco
428Aerial and Close-range Photogrammetric Technology: Providing Resource Documentation, Interpretation, and Preservation2008Matthews
427Analyses of Natural Gases, 2005-20072008Driskill
426A Review of Black-footed Ferret Reintroduction in Northwest Colorado, 2001-20062008Holmes
424Peak Lek Attendance for Greater Sage-grouse Within the Northern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming2008Harrell
423Hydraulic Considerations for Pipelines Crossing Stream Channels2007Fogg
422Roads and Trails Terminology2006Goldbach
420Phytostabilization as a Remediation Alternative at Mining Sites2006Neuman
419A Report on the Potential Use of USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis Data by the Bureau of Land Management2006Williams
418Analyses of Natural Gases, 2002-20042005Gage
417Assessing Big Sagebrush at Multiple Spatial Scales: An Example in Southeast Oregon2005Karl
416Microclimate Effects from Closing Abandoned Mines with Culvert Bat Gates2004King
415Helium Resources of the United States, 20032004Gage
414Hazardous Waste Site Sampling Basics2004Innis
413Aerial Surveys of Cliff-nesting Raptors in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, 1999, with Comparisons to 19772003Ritchie
412Analyses of Natural Gases, 1998-20012003Driskill and Gage
410Abandoned Mine Waste Repositories: Site Selection, Design, and Cost2003BLM
409Passive Treatment Systems for Acid Mine Drainage2003Gage
408Helium Resources of the United States, 20012001Driskill
407Integrating GIS Technologies with the Visual Resource Management Inventory Process2001Jackson and Horyza
406Assessment of Oak Woodland Resources in BLM's Eugene District, Lane County, Oregon2000Chiller
405A Framework for Analyzing the Hydrologic Condition of Watersheds1998McCammon et al.
404Analyses of Natural Gases, 1996-19971998Gage
403Helium Resources of the United States, 19971998BLM
402Monite Explosives Factory: Interim Remedial Action Project Summary1998Brooks
401On-site Mitigation of a High-Chromium Waste at the Exell Helium Plant1998Davidson
400Analysis of Chromium in Amine/Glycol Solutions1997BLM

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Tech NoteTitleDateAuthor 
399Analyses of Natural Gases, 1994-199512/1996 
398A Mass Spectrometer Method for Determining Percent-range Helium in Gaseous Mixtures11/1996Holland 
397Wildlife Water Catchment Construction in Nevada09/1997Brigham 
395Evaluating Bighorn Habitat: A Landscape Approach 09/1996Dunn 
394Specification Writer's Guide, Second Edition   
393Geohydrology: Analytical Methods 09/1995Olsen 
392Open Stream Collection and Diversion: An Added Dimension in Providing Water for Grazing Animals11/1994Douglas 
390Risk Management Criteria for Metals at BLM Mining Sites (2004 version); 1994 version

rev. 12/1996, 10/2004

389The Geo-Positioning Selection Guide for Resource Management 09/1993Keating 
388The Silt-free Reservoir: A More Reliable Impoundment for Drinking Water to Livestock and Wildlife 09/1992Wood 

XSPRO: A Channel Cross-section Analyzer
Supersedes BLM Tech. Ref. 4341-1 (1985), A Handbook for Using the CHANL and MCHANL Computer Programs and Gathering the Necessary Field Data

386Reclamation of the Timberline Heap Leach 03/1992Brooks 
385Pipe-laying Techniques on Open Range Land: A New Method for Laying Heavy-Duty Pipe 09/1988Wood 
384Habitat Suitability Rating System for Desert Bighorn Sheep in the Basin and Range Province 09/1988Armentrout 
383Wildlife Economics and Productivity Analysis Guide07/1994Davis 
382SASEM: Simple Approach Smoke Estimation Model 09/1988Sestak 
381Using GIS to Determine the Effects of CO2 Development on Elk Calving in South-Central Colorado 07/1988Brekke 
380Interpretation of Aerial Photographs 08/1988Crisco 
379Soil Landscape Analysis Project (SLAP) Methods in Soil Surveys08/1987Amen 
378Simulation of Storm Runoff in the Oregon Coast Range 09/1987Fedora 
377Locating Sharp-tailed Grouse Leks from Color Infrared Aerial Photography 07/1987Grensten 
376Regional Risk Identification Analysis Applicable to Resource Development H2S-Contaminated Natural Gas Fields in Southwest Wyoming03/1988Riebau 
375TAPAS: Topographic Air Pollution Analysis System05/1987Riebau 
374Peak/Risk/Culvert: A Program to Compute Peak Flows, Hydrologic Risk, and Circular Culvert Sizes at Forest Road Crossings11/1986Butler 
373Diffuse-Source Salinity: Mancos Shale Terrain09/1986Schumm 
372Stream Discharge Measurement Using a Modified Technique09/1986Gebhardt 
371Determining Hydrologic Properties of Soil 09/1986Gebhardt 
370A Predictive Model for Estimating Maximum Summer Stream Temperatures in Western Oregon10/1985Schloss 
369Considerations in Rangeland Watershed Monitoring09/1985Jackson 
368A Runoff and Soil-loss Monitoring Technique Using Paired Plots08/1985Jackson 


Gully Erosion03/1985Harvey 
365Hydrology and the Universal Soil Loss Equation: Application to Rangelands 06/1985Hawkins 
3641980-82 Salinity Status Report: Results of Bureau of Land Management Studies on Public Lands in the Upper Colorado River Basin1984Jackson 
363Willow Planting for Riparian Habitat Improvement09/1983McCluskey 
362Wildlife Guilds in Arizona Desert Habitats 02/1983Short 
361The Use of Remote Sensing for Soils Investigations on BLM Lands 05/1983DiPaolo 
360A Component Land Classification for the United States: Status Report 05/1983Driscoll 
359Classification of the California Desert for Geology-Energy-Mineral Resource Potential: Geostatistical Classification 05/1983Lambie 
357An Economic Analysis Series for Screening Proposed Timber Management Projects, Report No. 3: Precommercial Thinning Followed by Two Commercial Thinnings1982Horak 
356Data Management for Job Documentation Reports04/1984Clark 
355Distributional Status of Falconiformes in West Central Arizona: With Notes on Ecology, Reproduction, Success, and Management 08/1981Millsap 
354Aquatic Inventory of the Bill Williams and Hassayampa Drainages, Maricopa, Yavapai, and Yuma Counties, Arizona 09/1980Kepner 
353Distribution, Ecology, and Habitat Management of the Reptiles and Amphibians of the Hualapai-Aquarius Planning Area, Mohave and Yavapai Counties, Arizona07/1981Jones 
352Aquatic Inventory of the Upper Bill Williams Drainage, Yavapai and Mohave Counties, Arizona08/1979Kepner 
351Small Water Purification Systems 07/1981Case 
350Small Mammals of the Black Canyon and Skull Valley Planning Units, Maricopa and Yavapai Counties, Arizona10/1978Kepner 
349Terrestrial Wildlife Inventories: Some Methods and Concepts09/1981Call 
348Data Processing Programs for Remote Terminal Use for the Extensive Forest Inventory of Natural Resource Lands  09/1981Horak 
347Habitat Management Guides for the American Pronghorn Antelope 12/1980Yoakum 
346Erosion Condition Classification System 10/1980Clark 
345Raptor Management: The State of the Art in 1980 10/1980Olendorff 
344The Common Raven10/1980Knight 
343Adjustable Wire Fences for Facilitating Big Game Movement 07/1980Anderson 
342The Use of Gabions to Improve Aquatic Habitat05/1980Anderson 
341Effects of Mesquite Spraying on Other Rangeland Resources 03/1979Sosebee 
340Chemical Restraint of Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Birds, Small Mammals and Selected Marine Mammals in North America: An Annotated Bibliography05/1980Umbreit 
339Coal River: An Educational Alternative Futures Wildland and Resource Management Planning Game10/1979Stone 
338Habitat Management Guides for Birds of Prey10/1979Call 
337Hydrologic Risk and Return Period Selection of Water Related Projects rev. 1988Van Haveren 
336Mule Deer Habitat Guidelines 09/1979Kerr 
335Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 17: The Accipiters: Goshawk, Cooper's Hawk, Sharp-shinned Hawk07/1979Jones 
334A Method for Determining the Effect of Blending Bentonite on Product Viscosity 06/1979Barrell 
333Integrating Inventories: An Annotated Bibliography06/1979Lund
331Sampling Theory, Examples and Rationale03/1979Grosenbaugh
330Habitat Requirements and Management Recommendations for Sage Grouse02/1979Call
329Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 18: Black Hawk (Buteogallus anthracinus)01/1979Schnell
328Illuminated Overlay Viewer01/1979 
327Construction and Management of Stockponds for Waterfowl01/1979Eng
326Rainfall Simulators01/1979Birk
325The Use of Large Scale Color Infrared Photography for Stream Habitat Inventory12/1978Cuplin
324Prescribed Burning of the Sagebrush and Pinyon-Juniper Communities: A Selected Bibliography11/1978McCluskey
323An Economic Analysis Series for Screening Proposed Timber Management Projects, Report No. 2: Precommercial Thinning Only, Lodgepole Pine, Site Index 6011/1978Horak
322Indexed Bibliography on Stream Habitat Improvement10/1978Wydoski
321Use of Artificial Shade to Increase Survival of Douglas-fir in the Roseburg Area09/1978Lewis
320A Field Ice Box09/1978Maser
319Intensive Forest Inventory: A Selected Bibliography09/1978Costello
318Selected Computations of Astronomical Observations09/1978BLM
317Bulletin/Control Board09/1978Heser
316Nesting Habitats and Surveying Techniques for Common Western Raptors05/1978Call


Mineralogy, Physical and Exchangeable Chemistry Properties of Bentonites from the Western United States, Exclusive of Montana and Wyoming02/1978Regis
314Status of Greater Sandhill Cranes in Piceance Basin02/1978Getman
313Correlation Between Physical Properties and Exchangeable Chemistry of Bentonites from the Western United States01/1978Regis
312A Simple Device to Improve the Operation and Safety of the Handyman Jack12/1977Bollinger
311Modified Shovel for Trash Cleanup12/1977Tobin
310Ecological Characteristics of Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands on the Colorado Plateau: A Literature Survey12/1977Zarn
309An Economic Analysis Series for Screening Proposed Timber Management Projects, Report No. 1: Analytical Considerations11/1977Horak
308A Bibliography on the Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)11/1977Shuster
307Inventory Techniques for Sampling Avian Populations11/1977Franzreb
306Selected Bibliography of Certain Vertebrate Techniques10/1977Thomas
305Guidelines and Recommendations for Design and Modification of Livestock Watering Developments to Facilitate Safe Use by Wildlife
[Updated by BLM-Idaho Technical Bulletin 89-4, Wildlife Watering and Escape Ramps on Livestock Water Developments: Suggestions and Recommendations]
304Interpretive Premise09/1977Hof
303Forest Management Effects on the Environment: A Bibliography09/1977Brna
302Forest Management Benefits Valuation: A Bibliography09/1977Brna
301Distribution of Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians by BLM-physiographic Regions and A. W. Kuchler's Association for the Eleven Western States08/1977Bernard
300Windmill Counter Balance "Lift Easier"07/1977 

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Tech NoteTitle or Subject(s)DateAuthor
299Collecting Methods for Amphibians and Reptiles05/1977Balgooyen
298Wildlife Water Basins04/1977Bird
297Wild, Free-roaming Burros: Bibliography03/1977Zarn
296Wild, Free-roaming Burros: Status of Present Knowledge03/1977 Zarn
295Wild, Free-roaming Horses: An Annotated Bibliography03/1977Zarn
294Wild, Free-roaming Horses: Status of Knowledge03/1977Zarn
293Mirrors to Check Vehicle Lights03/1977Flint 
292Mirror Plate Attenuator Lens02/1977McLaughlin
291Determining Recovery Potential of Burned Plants Following Range Fire02/1977Stanton
290Artificial Brush Piles10/1976Warrick
289Rangeland Drill Operations09/1976 
288Backup Alarm08/1976Radosevich
287The Use of Aerial Photographs07/1976Burr
285Slick Rock Water Catchment06/1978Kirk
284Retention Ring Trash Barrel06/1976Vernon
283Techniques for Conducting Stream Habitat Survey on National Resource Land06/1976Duff 
282Map Filing System05/1976Lent 
281Nesting Ecology of Golden Eagles in Elko County, Nevada02/1976Seibert
280States of Endangered and Threatened Fish Species in Colorado01/1976Johnson 
279Prairie Dog Bibliography01/1976Hassien 
278Vehicle Log Book Holder02/1976Whitaker
277Rubber Snowshoe Binding01/1976Larsen 
276Resource Flows and Values09/1975Flick 
275Estimating and Issuing Fence Material08/1975Brubaker
274Analysis of the Vincent Creek Fish Rearing Pool Project08/1975Anderson
273Recreation Literature Access System, Revision 8 (original by Barry, 1975)rev. 11/1976Forssell
272Weather Station Anemometer Counter and Timer06/1975Hirschi
271Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 15: Merlin (Falco columbarius)06/1975Trimble 
270Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 14: Rough-legged Hawk (Buteo lagopus sanctijohannis)06/1975Zarn
269Non-Game Birds of the West: An Annotated Bibliography: The Ecology and Life Histories of Seven Orders06/1975Trimble 
268Mail Trans-Sacs06/1975Conrad
267Transportation Planning System06/1975 
266Map Carrier05/1975Kendall
265Evaluation of Excavated Fish Rearing Pool in Vincent Creek03/1973Anderson 
264A Technique for Making Title Slides Without a Camera01/1975Mapston 
263A URA-MFP Overlay Graphic Techniques02/1975 
262Electrical Heating Tape for Slip-on Pumper Units02/1975Morrison 
261Wire Gate Latch02/1975Simonson
260Waterfowl Nesting Island Development01/1975Jones 
259Filing for Engineering Drawings and Maps01/1975Taddia
258Alternate Method for Herbarium Mounts01/1975Christensen
257Proper Locations for Storage Precipitation Gages01/1975Moore 
256Effects and Observations of Soil Compaction in the Salem District12/1974Power 
255Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 13: Ferruginous Hawk (Buteo regalis)1981Snow 
254 Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 12: Osprey (Pandion haliaetus carolinensis)11/1974Zarn 
253Vincent Creek Fish Pass11/1974Anderson
252Proposal for the Inception and Management of Archeological Wilderness Areas08/1974Philips
251Wetlands Ecology for the Western United States06/1974 
250Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 11: Burrowing Owl (Speotyto cunicularia hypugaea)06/1974Zarn
249Codes for Ties on BLM Tree Seedlings08/1973 
248Map Storage Cabinet08/1973 
247Tool Kit for Chain Saw Operations08/1973 
246Vehicle Mounts for First Aid Kits04/1973 
245Rangeland Drill03/1973 
244Safety Blade Sheath for Swedish Brush Knife11/1972 
243Truck Safety11/1972 
242Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 10: Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis)02/1974Zarn
241Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 9: Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus)02/1974Snow
240Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 8: Prairie Falcon (Falco mexicanus)02/1974Snow
239Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 7: Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)12/1973Snow
238Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 6: San Joaquin Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis mutica)11/1973Snow
237Wildlife Guidelines for Range Fire Rehabilitation11/1973Stanton
236Easement Vicinity Photo02/1970 
235Range Entomology: Black Grass Bug05/1972Cozakos
234Mobile Van Fire Communication: Dispatch Unit09/1968 
233Phos-Chek Mixing Plant05/1970 
232A Shading Hood for the Hewlett-Packard 35 Pocket Calculator06/1972 
231Comparison of Electronic Distance Measuring Instruments05/1972 
230Wang Programmable Electronic Calculator11/1970 
229Heliflex Antennas08/1970 
228A Lightweight Back Pack for Use with the Wild-Heerbrugg DI-10 Distomat06/1970 
227Twenty-five Foot Rod for Use with Wild DI-10 Distomat06/1970 
226Photogrammetric Profiles for Skyline Logging08/1970 
225Field Maps04/1972 
224Map Carrying Book07/1967 
223Firewood Receptacle03/1966 
222Snowmobile Variable Pitch Sheave Drive Belts03/1969Hill
221Panama Packboard11/1970 
220Stand for Slip-on Pumper11/1960 
219Jacob Staff Alteration07/1967 
218Forklift Truck Woven Wire Loader Rack07/1967 
217Perma Mark Surveyor's Marker11/1970 
216Weatherproof Information Display Case07/1970 
215Protection of Radio Equipment by the Use of a Silicon Diode05/1966 
214Modification of the Motorola 12-Unit Battery Charger06/1970 
213Converter for Motorola Mobile Battery Charger06/1970 
212Backslope Board02/1970 
211A Tool for Rock Depth Investigation04/1968 
210Concrete Bridge Deck Construction03/1968 
209Butyl Rubber and Plastic Culvert Downspouts09/1970 
208Protective Enclosure for Traffic Counters06/1969 
207Hand Level Monopod11/1970 
206Job Acreage10/1970 
205Rain Gutter for Storage Tank05/1970 
204Possible Addition to Rangeland Drill to Increase Capacity of Existing Fertilizer Attachment01/1966Rice
203Fence Post Modification05/1970 
202Power Wire-winding Machine03/1970 
201Pressure Drop Assembly for Pipeline11/1969 
200Artificial French Drains11/1969 

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Tech NoteTitle or Subject(s)DateAuthor
199Float Valve Tank07/1972 
198Let-Down Fences08/1973 
197Guidelines for Establishing Trial Seeding Plots08/1972Cain
196Fourwing Saltbush02/1970Cain
195Russian Wildrye02/1970Cain
194Yellow Sweetclover02/1970Cain
193Smooth Brome02/1970Cain
192Small Burnet02/1970Cain
191Modification and Dual Attachment of the Hansen Browse Seeder Units02/1968Cain
190Controlling Chaparral and Converting to Grass03/1972Cain
189Quartz Mountain Plowing  
188Observation of Overland Flow on a Treated and Untreated Juniper Area01/1970Rice
187Chamise and Chaparral Control Heavy Duty Offset Disc12/1969Rice
186Temporary Portable Cattleguard05/1968 
185Polyethylene Liner for Pit Reservoir Including Trough and Fencing07/1966 
184Water Catchment Developments05/1966 
183Greener Intermediate Wheatgrass02/1966 
182Wire Gate and Latch Assembly08/1966 
181Interim Guide for Rating Soils According to Their Soil Suitability for Rangeland Seeding: Nevada01/1972Hagihara
180Spring Parsley09/1967 
179Scotch Thistle (Onopordum acanthium)04/1966 
178Scotch Thistle03/1966 
177Precise Swath Width and Rate Dissemination by Aerial Application02/1966 
176Gate Closing Devices01/1973 
175Gold Creek Fish Passage Structure02/1970Anderson
174Log Sills: A Solution to a Fish Passage Problem10/1972 
173A Barrier Panel to Prevent the Upstream Migration of Fish07/1973 
172Advantages of Mixture Seedlings04/1973 
171Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 5: Southern Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus leucocephalus) and Northern Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus alascanus)03/1973Snow
170Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 4: Spotted Bat (Euderma maculatum)06/1974Snow
169Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 3: Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard (Crotaphytus silus)01/1972Snow
168Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 2: Black-footed Ferret (Mustela nigripes)11/1972Snow
167Habitat Management Series for Unique or Endangered Species, Report No. 1: American Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus anatum) and Arctic Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus tundrius)11/1972Snow
166Antelope Passes: Their Value and Use06/1972Mapston
165Ramada or Sun Shade02/1970 
164Interpretive Techniques, Devices and Methods for the BLM Field Use02/1972 
163The Care and Repair of Petrogylphs12/1969 
162Aerial Photography Use for BLM in Archeological Site Inventory09/1969 
161Guidelines for Protecting Archeological Sites in Proposed Tree-Chaining Areas07/1968 
160Codes for Ties on BLM Tree Seedlings08/1973 
159Effects of Forest Fertilization on Water Quality in Two Small Oregon Watersheds04/1972 
158Some Recommended Chemical Treatments for Brush and Weed Control in Forest Development01/1970 
157Porcupine Bait Station (Revision)04/1968 
156Porcupine Bait Station05/1966 
155Mobile Scaling Platform11/1969 
154Bolo-Ball DBH Tape Attachment11/1969 
153Increment Borer Maintenance08/1969 
152Buffer Strips: A Possible Application of Decision Theory (Revision; Originally Released 02/1970)10/1970Sadler
151Selenium Poisoning12/1970Van Zandt
150Did You Know???02/1967 
149Loco Weed (Astragalus pubentissinus) Studies: Vernal District, Utah07/1966 
148Grass Tetany07/1966 
147Management Consideration on Halogeton-Infested Rangelands05/1971Cozakos
146Filing Range Trend Photo Negatives05/1971 
145Range Trend Studies Frame12/1970 
143Season Long, Deferred, Rotation Grazing03/1966 
142Cattle Diets Affect Wildlife Habitat06/1972 
141Contrasting Responses of Squirreltail and Needle-and-Thread to Herbage Removal09/1969 
140Total Available Carbohydrates in Roots and Crowns of Five Browse and Three Grass Species08/1968 
139Interagency Standards for Forage Management Practices in Oregon01/1968 
138Allotment Management Plan09/1969 
137Carbohydrate Reserves of Range Plants02/1968 
136Phenology of Various Range Plants02/1968 
135Allotment Management Plan Record07/1971 
134References Pertaining to Root Systems01/1970Rice
133Livestock Sun Shelter and Small Animal Water Catchment11/1969 
132References Pertaining to Chaparral10/1969 
131References Pertaining to Individual Plants10/1969 
130References Pertaining to Southwest Desert Vegetation10/1968 
129Mining Law, Minerals Subject to Location, Gypsite11/1969 
128Iron Ore, Steel Ore, Direct Reduction Process08/1971 
127Small Mines: Prospecting, Exploration, Development, Costs06/1970 
126Mining Law: Discovery, Court Decisions08/1970 
125Mining Law: Assessment Work, References, Location, State Requirements06/1970 
124Small Mines: Prospecting, Exploration, Development, Costs (Supplement to Tech. Note 127)08/1971 
123Gold Mine: Mineral Valuation, Appraisal06/1970 
122Uranium Exploration06/1970 
121Surface and Open Pit Mining: Planning, Design05/1970 
120Clays, Bentonite: Selected References05/1970 
119Milling Costs11/1969 
118Mining Claims, Non-Mining Use, Injunction11/1969 
117Clays, General Publications06/1970 
116Industrial Minerals Evaluation: Talc, Feldspar, Fluorspar and Cement Raw Materials06/1970 
115Industrial Minerals: Non-Metallic Minterals (Revision of Tech. Note 114)06/1970 
114Industrial Non-Metallic Minerals11/1969 
113Mineral Valuation, Solid Minerals (Supplement No. 2 to Tech. Note 111)01/1972 
112Oil-Impregnated Sandstone, Uintah Basin, Utah08/1971 
111Mineral Valuation, Solid Minerals05/1970 
110Coal, Value06/1970 
109Coal, Operating Mines06/1970 
108Coal, Bituminous: Information, Statistics, Data06/1970 
107Surface, Open Pit, and Strip Mines: Planning, Design, Engineering06/1970 
105Coal, Chemicals from Coal06/1970 
104Acid Mine Water: Acid Mine Drainage06/1970 
103Coal, Synthetic Fuels, Feasibility06/1970 
102Coal Data05/1970 
101Mineral Valuation, Solid Minerals (Supplement to Tech. Note 111)05/1971 
100Coal Reserves11/1969 

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Tech NoteTitle or Subject(s)DateAuthor
99Coal: Reserves, Electric Generating Plant, Synthetic Fuel Plant11/1969 
98Coal: Evaluation, Depreciation Rates11/1969 
97Selected References on Coal, Particularly Western Coal11/1969 
96Transportation Costs, Coking Coal, Unit Train11/1969 
95Selected Publications Relating to Oil and Gas Development and Environment Problems Associated Therewith (Supplement to Tech. Note 94)12/1972 
94Select Publications: Oil and Gas Development and Environment Problems08/1971 
93Selected Publications Relating to Oil and Gas Development and Environment Problems Associated Therewith08/1975 
92Oil and Gas Leasing, State Systems, and Canadian Province System11/1969 
91Oil and Gas Leasing: OGS, Joint Bidding, Bidding Analysis, Onshore (Upland)/Colorado11/1969 
90Oil and Gas Leasing Study: PLLRC11/1969 
89Oil and Gas Leasing: Forms11/1969 
88Gas Reserves, Potential, U.S. by Regions11/1969 
87Annotated Bibliography of Reclamation Literature Pertaining to Western U.S.05/1970 
86Reclamation of Mined Lands05/1970 
85Blasting: Effect of Weather Conditions, Noise Pollution08/1970 
84Acid Mine Drainage, Strip Mine, Control: Case History No. 4-8, Coal Industry Advisory Committee to ORSANCO: Furrow Grading to Enhance Reclamation, Reduce Runoff, and Control Pollution [Supplement to Tech. Note 83]06/1970 
83Acid Mine Drainage, Prevention, and Control06/1970 
82Minerals Policy, Secretary's Report, Minerals in the Economy02/1973 
81Classification Mineral Reserves and Resources03/1973 
80Mining Costs, Related Costs, Construction Equipment Costs08/1971 
79Determining Plant Size for a New Mining Venture08/1971 
78Deep Well Disposal of Liquid Wastes: Subsurface06/1970 
77Industrial Minerals of 1969: Their Status, Challenges, and Future08/1971 
76Evaluation: Economic Life, Property Life08/1970 
75Surface Mining and Excavation: General Reference06/1970 
74Mining Law Oil and Gas Leasing  
73Nuclear Explosions and Gas Stimulation: Project Rulison and Project Bronco06/1970 
71Evaluation: Mining Equipment, Dealers06/1970 
69Mineral Law: Index to Articles06/1970 
68Mining Equipment06/1970 
67Mineral Valuation, Tax Laws, Recent Changes06/1970 
66Mineral Resources06/1970 
65Nuclear Explosions, Health and Safety Considerations06/1970 
64Nuclear Explosions, Groundwater Contamination06/1970 
63Disposal of Liquid Wastes: Deep Well and Surface06/1970 
62Sources of Mining Cost Data11/1969 
61Nuclear Explosions, Gas Stimulation11/1969 
60Mineral Leasing, Competitive Bidding11/1969 
59Mill Operating Cost Data11/1969 
58Example of Discounted Cash Flow Method of Economic Evaluation11/1969 
57Evaluation, Lease Sales: Copper11/1969 
55Energy, Demand Projections11/1969 
54Costs of Blasting Agents11/1969 
53Bibliography of Remote Sensing (General Interest)05/1970 
52Artwork Size Standards for 35mm Photography05/1970 
51Construction Equipment Motor Vehicles07/1971 
501970 and 1971 International Harvester Class 105 Carryall Steering Deficiency07/1971 
49Grease Types06/1971 
48Tire Care05/1971 
47Heavy Duty International Harvester Engines05/1971 
46Flexible Hose Inspection and Failure04/1971 
45Recessed Electric Winch Installations12/1970 
44Tips on Storing Equipment12/1970 
43Vehicle Cooling Systems11/1970 
42API Changes Oil Classification10/1970 
41Distributor Bushing Failure (250 and 292 CID Engines)09/1970 
40Potential Fire Hazard on 1970 Dodge Pickups09/1970 
39Lug Bolt Tightening (1969 Chevrolet Trucks)09/1970 
38Engine Problem May Mean PCV Trouble09/1970 
37Trailer Tires07/1970 
36Cleaning Antifreeze from the Crankcase of a Gasoline or Diesel Engine06/1970 
35Checking Delcotron Generator Output06/1970 
34Parking Brake Inadequacies on IHC 4x4s06/1970 
33Chevrolet Nonspin Differentials05/1970 
32Chevrolet Vehicles Equipped with Rochester Carburetors05/1970 
31Wheel to Axle for Trailer Safety03/1970 
301968 and 1969 Chevrolet 4-Speed Transmission Leaks03/1970 
29Wheel and Tire Balancing02/1970 
28How to Inspect Ball Joint Suspensions01/1970 
27Dodge Wheel Stud Replacement01/1970 
25Ford - Car and Truck12/1969 
24Chevrolet Vehicles12/1969 
23Ford Vehicles - All 196812/1969 
22Ford Vehicles - All Ford "W" Series12/1969 
21Vehicle Cooling Systems12/1969 
20Ford Trucks12/1969 
19Mac's Pack11/1969 
18Vehicle Cooling Systems10/1969 
17Chevrolet Stake Truck Tire Chain Clearance10/1969 
16Chevrolet Vehicles09/1969 
15Driver Error09/1969 
14Ford Trucks - Parts and Service Recommendations (1965-1968 "C" Series Trucks)07/1969 
13Ford Trucks - Parts and Service Recommendations (1968-1969)07/1969 
12Air Cleaner - Oil Bath-Type Diesel Engines06/1969 
11Automotive Cooling System Maintenance05/1969 
10Chainsaw Maintenance05/1969 
9Use and Care of Jacks04/1969 
8Trough Float Valves05/1968 
7Safety Bar and Weather Stripping for Truck Tool Boxes09/1966 
6Pocket First Aid Kit04/1968 
5Range and Wildlife Technical Workshop05/1966 
4Self-Service Sign Shelving12/1969 
3ADP Printout Control04/1973 
2Mathatronics Programmable Electronic Calculator06/1970 
1Vertical Expanding Forms File08/1966 

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