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BLM Publications

Our BLM publications include documents produced by the BLM's precursors, the General Land Office and the U.S. Grazing Service. For more information on the General Land Office and the history of the BLM, please visit the BLM history page.

Most BLM publications are held at the BLM Library in print form but many also are available online. Online access generally dates back to the 1990s. Please contact the BLM Library at for assistance locating publications. To purchase hard copies of select publications, please email the BLM's Printed Materials Distribution Services (PMDS) or visit the PMDS website.

Certain publications are accessible only to BLM employees. Please note that, while the BLM Library provides access to publications, records administrators and managers are the authority on many documents, including directives.

Recent BLM publications of note:

The Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 As Amended
Released October 2016.

National Seed Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration 2015-2020
Released August 2015. Learn more about the seed strategy.

AIM National Aquatic Monitoring Framework: Introducing the Framework and Indicators for Lotic Systems
BLM Technical Reference 1735-1. Released July 2015.

Sage-Grouse Habitat Assessment Framework: A Multiscale Assessment Tool
BLM Technical Reference 6710-1. Released June 2015.

Long-Term Vegetation Change in Utah's Henry Mountains: A Study in Repeat Photography
Released June 2015.

Advancing Science in the BLM: An Implementation Strategy
Released March 2015. Learn more about the implementation strategy.

Abandoned Mine Land Inventory Study for BLM-Managed Lands in California, Nevada, and Utah: Site and Feature Analysis
Released November 2014. Learn more about BLM's AML program.

2014 Preserve America Progress Report
Released September 2014. Learn more about Preserve America reports.

BLM Socioeconomics Strategic Plan 2012-2022
Released May 2013. Learn more about BLM's socioeconomic impacts.


Publicly accessible series:

Cultural Resource Series

NEPA and planning documents

Some planning/NEPA documents are available on our digitized library site. For assistance locating a specific document, contact the BLM Library at

My Public Lands (BLM magazine launched 2014)

Our Public Lands (BLM magazine published 1951-1971)

Resource Evaluation Newsletter (includes Resource Inventory Notes)

Resource Notes

Survey Notes and Plats

Technical Notes

Technical References


Series accessible to BLM employees; contact the BLM Library for assistance:

Circulars (not available online; please email the library)


BLM Handbooks

Instruction Memoranda (IMs)

Director's Office IMs

Washington Office IMs

State and Center IMs

Information Bulletins (IBs)

Director's Office IBs

Washington Office IBs

State and Center IBs

BLM Manuals

Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), National Level

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