The BLM Library collects a variety of government publications, primarily those of the BLM but also some documents from the Department of the Interior and other federal government entities. For publications available digitally, we have organized the links by the publishing entity. Please use the links at right to locate publications or search our online catalog. For assistance, contact the BLM Library at

About Our Digitized Collection

The BLM Library is digitizing all of its publications and collections in the public domain, including BLM, General Land Office, Grazing Service, and some DOI publications. The digitization process involves cataloging, scanning, and archiving historical information so it will be preserved and accessible online, worldwide. More than 5,000 publications are now available in 18 different file formats, including PDF, HTML, text, DAISY, Kindle, and ePUB. The digitization of BLM Library publications demonstrates the library’s commitment to meet users’ demands for a virtual information center and to stay current with available technologies. The BLM Library’s digitized materials are available online and easily found with search engines. Users are able to view maps and other special pages within the publications at a high resolution.

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The second phase of the digitization process involves state and field office documents. The BLM Library has requested that all BLM offices send their publications to be added to the digital collection. Some examples of publications requested include field office technical reports, NEPA and planning documents, contract reports from companies who have done work for the BLM, and documents or reports that haven’t been published for distribution. Once digitized, these documents will become part of the digitized collection online and authors will receive visibility for their work. This will also promote a bureauwide awareness of work that has been done and help prevent duplication of material and/or research. BLM employees can learn more by reading IM OC-2013-036 and contacting the BLM Library with questions. Although the IM lists a due date of April 2013, offices are still invited to participate.

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