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BLM Library Services

The BLM Library, located at the National Operations Center in Denver, exists to serve BLM employees across the country. We also are able to assist members of the general public who seek BLM publications and information. We are the BLM's only full-service library with professional staff.

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Circulation and Information Access

Most publications in the library may be checked out to BLM employees. Print items generally are loaned for 4 weeks and may be renewed if not on hold for another user. We are able to deliver many items electronically, as well. Journals and the reference collection do not circulate; however, special arrangements can be made if necessary.

In addition to our print materials, we endeavor to provide virtual access to as much information as possible. Through our website, users may access digital versions of BLM publications such as technical notes and technical references, planning and NEPA documents, and directives. We also have subscription journals and databases, which are accessible only to BLM employees and contractors using the BLM network.

In addition to BLM documents, the BLM Library contains publications to assist subject specialists and decisionmakers in managing public lands using trustworthy sources and the best available science.


Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan

Looking for a particular article, book, directive, or other publication? Please send your requests for publications, articles, papers, etc., to the BLM Library at Requests should include as complete a citation as possible. Also include your complete mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.

We will provide items located in the BLM collection and forward a request for other items to the Department of the Interior (DOI) Library. The DOI Library provides interlibrary loan services to BLM employees. There is no limit on the number of requests made to the BLM Library, but the DOI Library permits five interlibrary loan requests per week, per person. Through the interlibrary loan system, we have access to library collections of all types throughout the world. Response time for loans varies from 2 days to 2 weeks, with harder-to-locate items taking longer. The DOI Library generally does not borrow items that incur charges.

The length of an interlibrary loan is set by the lending library. Due dates can be extended if the lending library policy allows for renewals. To assist us in remaining in good standing with other libraries, loan extensions should be requested before the due date indicated.


Research Assistance

Information seekers are encouraged to contact the BLM Library for assistance in tracking down information or answering questions. The BLM Library assists a wide range of users with research requests, including primarily BLM employees and contractors as well as other federal agencies, the general public, university students and professors, law offices, organizations, and other libraries. The BLM Library staff responds to an increasing number of reference requests each month, with about 20 percent from external customers.

General Public (not BLM-affiliated):

The BLM Library is available to assist you in locating documents produced for or published by the BLM or its predecessors, the General Land Office and the Grazing Service. Please contact us by email at

BLM Employees and Contractors:

The BLM Library provides a full range of reference services to BLM employees and contractors. Requests may involve short, specific questions or complex questions that require more extensive searching. Research requests range from locating items and document delivery to literature searches and research assistance to general inquiries about the Bureau and the library’s collections. Many of the internal requests are for scientific journal articles and come from specialists such as wildlife biologists, botanists, geologists, and archaeologists. Many users request help from the BLM Library because they are creating publications or informational material.

In addition, the BLM Library can perform research using computerized databases to produce a bibliography of citations on a subject you specify. We can access nearly 1,000 databases that include periodicals, books, reports, conference proceedings, and dissertations. Some databases provide abstracts along with their citations. You may request bibliographies according to subject area, author, report number, etc. Even when you have only partial information, our librarians can usually find the materials you need.

Legal research can be performed using certain databases, particularly HeinOnline. The BLM Library handles requests for copies of specific case decisions, as well as requests for Shepardizing of case decisions. We can locate current copies of unpublished Interior Board of Land Appeals decisions or obtain them through the IBLA office. We can also obtain copies of opinions from the District Court of Appeals or track a court decision. In addition, the library can conduct comprehensive searches for government documents or historic Federal Register notices. Often the most current or relevant information you seek may not yet be published and may be available only from a specialist. BLM Library staff can locate researchers or organizations that specialize in your subject area. We have knowledge of potential referrals from the personal contacts we make and from the computerized networks we access.

To obtain reference assistance, initiate research on a topic, or request a referral, please contact the BLM Library by email at

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