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BLM Library Information

BLM Library: Information within reach

The BLM Library provides worldwide access to the best available scientific, historical, and legal information regarding public lands and natural resources management to support researchers, BLM decisionmakers, and others seeking knowledge.

The BLM Library’s collection includes books and peer-reviewed journals in print and electronic format, technical publications, directives, historical documents, and more. In addition, users have access to millions more items through interlibrary loan. While most of the collection focuses on biological and earth sciences, the library also provides materials pertaining to policy and management. Click to search our online catalog.

The BLM Library staff’s main areas of focus are:

  • Information access – providing resources in print and online to users for reference and research. 
  • Reference service – answering questions and assisting users to locate information. 
  • Evaluating – providing users with trustworthy sources.
  • Document delivery – locating and sending specific articles or materials to users.

The BLM Library, located in Denver at the National Operations Center, is the only full-service library in the BLM with professional staff. The main benefits of using the BLM Library are (1) speed and efficiency in finding information, (2) a high level of access to peer-reviewed information, (3) the speed of response from library staff members, and (4) the quality of information.

Southern Oregon buttercup on the Medford District, BLM-Oregon

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