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BLM Announces Volunteer Awards for 2006

Volunteer winners with Lynn Scarlett (center) at the
"Making a Difference" Award ceremony May 10

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Six volunteers, two organizations, and one employee of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have been selected as winners of BLM's "Making A Difference" National Volunteer Awards. They received a prestigious national award for their public service contributions at a May 10, 2006, ceremony at the Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C.

The volunteer award winners are: Tom & Marty Taylor (& adopted burro, Hualapai) of Arizona; Virginia Freeman of California; Canyons of the Ancients National Monument/Anasazi Heritage Center Volunteer Program of Colorado; Darlene Stark of Idaho; Big Wood Backcountry Trails of Idaho; Chuck Worley of Nevada; Scott Wheeler of Utah; Jim & Gloria Doughty of Wyoming; and BLM employee Chris Pipkin of Colorado.

Regarding BLM's multiple-use mission to manage diverse resources on the public lands, Director Kathleen Clarke has said: "The challenges are many, and . . . BLM volunteers play a vital role in meeting those challenges. Concerned citizens . . . who believe in our mission and who love the public lands are truly making a difference in our ability to care for these lands."

Those honored this year were recognized for activities ranging from archaeological site monitoring to community outreach to trail improvement and campground hosting. Thousands of BLM volunteers make significant contributions on America’s 262 million acres of public lands each year, performing numerous functions in every aspect of public land management. Many of these jobs, such as campground management or trail repair, would simply not get done without volunteer support. In 2005 alone, for example, BLM volunteers donated more than 1.2 million hours with an estimated value of nearly $23 million, equivalent to the work of over 700 full-time employees.

Each year since 1996, BLM has honored the most exceptional of these volunteers, as well as BLM employees who work with volunteers, through its "Making a Difference" national awards program. This program supports the President’s call for increased service to America, and is also part of the "Take Pride in America" initiative.

For profiles of BLM’s 2006 "Making a Difference" honorees, select this link.

Last Updated: May 17, 2006

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