Environmental Education in Utah

The BLM strives to realize healthier and more productive public lands through better informed citizens and well trained employees who are willing to participate and assist in managing the BLM administered public lands and solving complex environmental problems found in this 261 million-acre laboratory.

Providing the resources to learn about resource management has many advantages. By becoming familiar with the concepts and principles of managing within nature's limits, students learn to become innovators and problem solvers, and to make sound decisions. Studying resource management also encourages students to think about their environment holistically and to see connections between parts, both in the natural world and in other intellectual pursuits. 

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Get to Know Your Public Lands
(Environmental Education Feature)
Interactive game in which students use clues to identify states where BLM administers public lands.

Keeping Habitats Healthy
We All Can Help!

Leads students in an on-line  exploration of wildlife habitats  and the ways in which scientists study them, to an understanding of ways we can all try to keep habitats healthy.

Hands on the Land
Hands on the Land (HOL) is a network of field classrooms stretching across America from Alaska to Florida. HOL is sponsored by Partners in Resource Education, a collaboration of five Federal agencies, a non-profit foundation, schools, and other private sector partners.

Sign-up for Nature High Summer CampNature High Summer Camp Logo | video

The Nature High Summer Camp is a week long high energy learning experience for High School aged youth living in the state of Utah. The camp is sponsored by several federal agencies and costs only $50.00 for students and is slated for July 27 - August 1, 2015.

Application Deadline is May 15, 2015

New Junior Explorer Activity Guide:
Let's Rock!

Junior Explorer-Geology and Fossils Activity Book

A great way to learn about geology on public lands is through BLM’s Junior Explorer program, which helps introduce young explorers to the lands and resources that the BLM manages. The latest publication,  Geology and Fossils, focuses on geologic and fossil resources on public lands. Students can work through the activities on their own or invite a parent or an adult to join. The guide includes the Junior Explorer pledge, a certificate, and additional information about protecting the treasures on public lands.

Tread Lightly!'s Tips for Responsible Recreation

Tread Lightly!'s Tips for Responsible Recreation

is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote responsible outdoor recreation through ethics education and stewardship programs.  Get simple tips here on how to minimize your impact.