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September 12


Summary: All of the horses tested negative for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) and will be shipped to Delta on September 13.

September 13
Delta Wild Horse Corrals

Summary: 106 animals were shipped to the Delta Wild Horse Corrals, one domestic private horse was turned over to a Utah State Brand Inspector and private horse owner. 

Due to the historical outbreaks of EIA in the Uinta Basin area, all wild horses captured will have a blood sample taken and be tested within capture area for presence of EIA.  Testing will commence on September 12. In consultation and cooperation with the Utah State Veterinarian, should any animal test positive for EIA these animals would be euthanized immediately, all of the other gathered wild horses would be held in quarantine for a 45-day period.  If we do not have any positives, all horses should be shipped to the Delta Wild Horse Corrals on Tuesday.  


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