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The Bureau of Land Management in Utah has an abundance and diversity of recreational opportunities and stunning landscapes that attract visitors from across the state, region, country and world. From mountain biking Moab to canyoneering in the San Rafael Swell; river running the Dirty Devil to OHV riding Little Sahara; driving Nine Mile Canyon to hunting in the Henry Mountains, BLM-Utah provides countless opportunities to explore 23 million acres.  

Hunting and Fishing

Throughout the state of Utah hunting and fishing is managed by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Tread Lighly Hunting Brochure

Tread Lightly: Responsible Hunting

Hunting and Fishing opportunities on public land within BLM Utah vary by location. Hunting may include:

  • Mourning dove, chukar partridge, hungarian partridge, forest grouse
  • Wild turkey
  • Waterfowl
  • Cottontail rabbit, jackrabbit
  • Pronghorn antelope
  • Mule deer
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Coyote
  • Mountain lion/cougar

Licenses: The state of Utah has jurisdiction over hunting & fishing of all legal game species within its borders. Valid Utah hunting & fishing licenses are required. To report poaching incidents, contact the Utah DWR Poaching hotline. You must have written permission from the owners to hunt on any private land.

Outfitters & guides: If you are an outfitter or guide wishing to operate on BLM land please visit our Special Recreation Permit Page.

Bear Baiting: The Utah Division of Wildlife Resource's Black Bear Guidebook requires hunters to receive written permission from the appropriate local BLM office before they can obtain a certificate of registration for bear baiting on BLM lands. If you are interested in setting up a baiting station, please contact the local BLM office as soon as possible so your request can be considered before your permitted hunt begins.

Areas generally closed to baiting stations on BLM lands include designated Wilderness Areas, designated or heavily used recreation areas, and critical watersheds. If you bait a bear illegally on BLM lands, you can be prosecuted under federal law. Please note that the BLM will not approve cross-country off-highway vehicle travel to establish a bait station.