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The Bureau of Land Management in Utah has an abundance and diversity of recreational opportunities and stunning landscapes that attract visitors from across the state, region, country and world. From mountain biking Moab to canyoneering in the San Rafael Swell; river running the Dirty Devil to OHV riding Little Sahara; driving Nine Mile Canyon to hunting in the Henry Mountains, BLM-Utah provides countless opportunities to explore 23 million acres.  

Fossil Collecting

Fossil collecting is a fun hobby for many enthusiasts. These resources are managed by the Paleontology Department. For more detailed information visit their Hobby Collecting webpage.

Collecting certain common invertebrate and plant fossils on BLM-administered lands is allowable without a permit. It is your responsibility to be familair with these regluations before starting.

Some areas on BLM-administered lands may be closed to hobby collecting for various reasons including mineral leasing, mining claims, scientific study, resource preservation, and public safety.

Contact the nearest BLM office to inquire about areas that may be closed to fossil collection or other recreational activities.

Fossil Collection Brochure









Fossil Collection Brochure