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Chapter 1 - Introduction (583 KB)
Chapter 2 - Alternatives (1.48 MB)

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Chapter 1 Maps

Map 1.1Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat (6.8 MB)
Map 1.2 Population Areas (5.1 MB)
Map 1.3Rapid Ecoregional Assessments in Utah Sub-region (4.9 MB)

Chapter 2 Maps

Map 2.1-2.6Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat Maps (10.2 MB)
Maps 2.7-2.13ROW Avoidance and Exclusion Alternatives (27.1 MB)
Maps 2.14-2.17Designated ROW Corridors–Alternatives (5.8 MB)
Maps 2.18-2.21Land Tenure Adjustments–Alternatives (5.3 MB)
Maps 2.22-2.24Locatable Mineral Withdrawals–Alternatives (6.7 MB)
Map 2.25Avoidance and Exclusion Areas for Wind Energy–Alternative D (6.4 MB)
Maps 2.26-2.30Non-Energy Solid Leasable Minerals–Alternatives (6.3 MB)
Maps 2.31-2.33Coal Suitability–Alternatives (6.7 MB)
Maps 2.34-2.38Saleable Minerals Materials–Alternatives (23.7 MB)
Map 2.39Fluid Minerals Leasing Categories–Alternative A (7.54 MB)
Map 2.40Fluid Minerals Leasing Categories–Alternative B (8.56 MB)
Map 2.41Fluid Minerals Leasing Categories–Alternative C (8.09 MB)
Map 2.42Fluid Minerals Leasing Categories–Alternative D (8.6 MB)
Map 2.43Fluid Minerals Leasing Categories–Alternative E (7.9 MB)
Maps 2.44-2.48OHV Area Designations–Alternatives (6.2 MB)
Map 2.49Potential ACECs and Zoological Areas–Alternative C (6.5 MB)

Chapter 3 Maps

Map 3.2-1Utah Breeding Bird Density (5.4 MB)
Map 3.2-2WAFWA Management Zones and Greater Sage-Grouse Breeding Bird Density (6.5 MB)
Map 3.2-3Current and Historic Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat (8.8 MB)
Map 3.4-1Climate Space Trends Intensity and Predicted Future Climate (5.5 MB)
Map 3.4-2Landscape Condition and Ecological Intactness (6.8 MB)
Map 3.7-1 General Vegetation (13.1 MB)
Map 3.7-2Vegetation- Sagebrush Categories (12.7 MB)
Map 3.8-1Utah Prairie Dog Habitat (5.3 MB)
Map 3.9-1Rocky Mountain Elk Habitat (6.1 MB)
Map 3.9-2Mule Deer Habitat (6.4 MB)
Map 3.9-3Pronghorn Habitat (5.3 MB)
Map 3.9-4Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Bison, and Moose Habitat (6.7 MB)
Map 3.10-1Wild Horse and Burro Herd Management Areas (6.1 MB)
Map 3.13-1Wildland Fire Regime (8.9 MB)
Map 3.13-2Wildland Fire Condition Class (12.7 MB)
Map 3.13-3Wildland Fire History (5.4 MB)
Map 3.14-1Lands with Wilderness Characteristics and BLM Natural Areas (5.7 MB)
Map 3.15-1Livestock Grazing Allotments (6.4 MB)
Map 3.16-1Special Recreation Management Areas (5.5 MB)
Map 3.16-2Developed Recreation Sites (6.0 MB)
Map 3.18-1Transmission Lines and Pipelines (6.5 MB)
Map 3.19-1Wind Occurrence Potential (8.9 MB)
Map 3.19-2Wind Energy Rights-of-Way (5.3 MB)
Map 3.19-3Geothermal Occurrence and Development Potential (5.6 MB)
Map 3.20-1Federal Mineral Interests (5.8 MB)
Map 3.20-2Oil and Gas Occurrence and Development Potential (11.6 MB)
Map 3.20-3Oil and Gas Leases (6.4 MB)
Map 3.20-4Oil and Gas Wells (5.7 MB)
Map 3.20-5Gilsonite and Phosphate Occurrence and Development Potential (5.7 MB)
Map 3.20-6Sodium and Potash Occurrence Potential (5.9 MB)
Map 3.20-7Coal Occurrence and Development Potential (6.9 MB)
Map 3.20-8Locatable Mineral Occurrence Potential (5.1 MB)
Map 3.20-9Mining Claim Density (5.6 MB)
Map 3.20-10Saleable Mineral Materials Occurrence Potential (6.0 MB)
Map 3.21-1Designated Areas of Critical Environmental Concern and Research Natural Areas (5.6 MB)
Map 3.21-2Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas (5.6 MB)

Appendix AMap List (57 KB) 
Appendix BDraft Forest Service Standards and Guidelines for the GRSG Amendment to the LRMPs in Utah for the Preferred Alternative – Alternative D (109 KB)
Appendix CCOT Report Consistency Evaluation (195 KB)
Appendix DMethodology for Calculating a Substantial Livestock Grazing Reduction under Alternative C2 (65 KB)
Appendix EGreater Sage-Grouse Draft Monitoring Framework (700 KB)
Appendix FRegional Mitigation Strategy (56 KB)

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Volume 4 - Cover and Table of Contents (846 KB)

Appendix GDetailed No Action Alternative (516 KB)
Appendix HRequired Design Features for Fire and Fuels (60 KB)
Appendix IBest Management Practices for Locatable Minerals and Required Design Features for Other Solid Minerals (87 KB)
Appendix JRequired Design Features for Fluid Minerals (97 KB)
Appendix KStipulations Associated with Land Use Authorizations (228 KB)
Appendix LRequired Design Features for Preventing West Nile Virus (81 KB)
Appendix MDraft Greater Sage-Grouse Wildland Fire and Invasive Species Assessment (105 KB)
Appendix NGreater Sage-Grouse Habitat Baseline (88 KB)
Appendix OForest Service Draft Wildlife and Botany Specialist Report (830 KB)
Appendix PForest Service Draft Management Indicator Species Report (663 KB)
Appendix QLivestock Grazing Allotments in Greater Sage-Grouse Occupied Habitat (499 KB)
Appendix ROil and Gas Reasonably Foreseeable Development Scenario for Greater Sage-Grouse Occupied Habitat in Utah Sub-Region (311 KB)
Appendix SBLM ACEC Evaluation and Forest Service Zoological Areas (101 KB)
Appendix TDetailed Employment and Earnings Data (482 KB)
Appendix UNon-Market Valuation Methods (365 KB)
Appendix VGreat Basin Vegetation Modeling using Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool (262 KB)
Appendix WEconomic Impact Analysis Methodology (192 KB)

GIS Data Downloads 
Layer Package
All Vector Data Associated With Utah Subregion Plan
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Fire Regime (LANDFIRE based)
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Condition Class (LANDFIRE based)
.lpk (122 MB)
Population Area

.lpk (230 KB)

.zip (314 KB)
Utah SGMA Alternative E

.lpk (6.8 MB)

.zip (9.5 MB)
100m Average Wind Speed.lpk (415 KB).zip (1.4 MB) 
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