Special Status Plants

Special status plants are those plants found on public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management whose survival is of concern due to . . .

  • Their limited distribution.
  • Low number of individuals and/or populations.
  • Potential threats to habitat.

The BLM uses the term "special status plants" to include . . .

  • Federal endangered, threatened, proposed and candidate species.
  • Utah State endangered, threatened, and rare species.
  • BLM Sensitive plants.

Sensitive plants are those species that do not occur on Federal or state lists, but which are designated by the BLM State Director for special management consideration.

BLM manages for the conservation of special status plants and their associated habitats and to ensure that actions authorized, funded, or carried out do not contribute to the need to list any species as threatened or endangered.

The Utah State Office maintains a list of all known and suspected special status plants on BLM lands.

Utah Native Plant Society Rare Plant Book Field Guide - Utah is home to approximately 275 rare plant species (or in same case varieties) including 24 species that are federally listed as endangered or threatened.