Solid Minerals Information

Solid Minerals

The information contained in this website is intended to be used as a general guide for certain filing requirements and is not a substitute for complying with applicable laws and regulation.

Utah BLM is responsible for the adjudication, administration, and maintenance of coal and solid non-energy lease authorizations approved on federally-owned mineral estate; and the recordation and adjudication of mining claim instruments filed with BLM under the 1872 Mining Law.

The BLM Utah administers approximately 22.9 million acres of Public Lands and another 9.7 million acres of subsurface minerals estate lands in Utah. Revenues from Mineral Leasing operations in Utah amount to over $74 million annually. Utah BLM has one of the most diverse mineral programs in the Bureau with leasing and production in more different commodities than most other BLM states. This diversity increases the complexity of managing the regulatory and adjudicative processes which are based on many different laws, regulations and policies which are commodity specific. 

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