Mining Claim Forms

BLM -- Mining Claim Bureau Forms

(other example forms are under the mining claim subject, see right column)

Form 3809-1.pdfSurface Management Surety Bond
Form 3809-2.pdfSurface Management Personal Bond
Form 3809-4.pdfForm for Bond Rider Extending Coverage of 
Bond to Assume Liabilities for Operations 
Conducted by Parties Other Than the Principal 
(Consent of Surety) RIDER
Form 3809-4a.pdfSurface Management Personal Bond Rider 
Form 3809-5.pdfNotification of Change of Operator and Assumption of Past Liability
Form 3830-2.pdfMaintenance Fee Waiver Certification
Form 3830-3.pdfNotice of Intent to Locate a Lode or Placer Mining Claim(s) and/or a Tunnel Site(s) On Lands Patented Under the Stock Raising
Form 3830-4.pdfAffidavit of Annual Assessment Work
Form 3830-5.pdfMaintenance Fee Payment Form for Lode Claims, Mill Sites, and Tunnel Sites (with credit card payment form)
Form 3830-5a.pdfMaintenance Fee Payment Form for Placer 
Mining Claims (with credit card payment form)


Bureau of Land Management Mining Law Forms Page (Web Site) 

Other Links to Mining Law Forms below.  If using these forms, be sure to include all required information required by BLM and the State of Utah (for Utah claims).