New Location Notices/Certificates must be filed with the BLM Utah State Office, 440 West 200 South, Suite 500, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 within 90 days from the date of location. In Utah, you must record with the County Recorder within 30 days from the date of location. Notice must include township, range, section, and quarter section in which the claim is located, location date, type of location, claim name, claimant(s) name and address. Also, submit a map showing the boundary of the claim within a section.  One map may be submitted for two or more claims so long as they are clearly identified.

PRIOR TO OPERATION--Contact the BLM Field Office, Utah Division of Oil, Gas, & Mining, and/or Forest Service Office having jurisdiction over the land in which your claim/site is located. Please check with the appropriate office on what type of work you are allowed to do and what steps are required, such as casual work, notice or plan of operations, and bond requirements.

Prior to Disturbance See Surface Management Notice (3809) and Reclamation)


NOL recordation fee:

EFFECTIVE September 1, 2014 (Location Date), the NOL recordation fee is increased to $212 due to the increased location fee (from $34 to $37) and maintenance fee (from $140 to $155).  For placer claims, the maintenance fee is paid for each 20 acres of the placer claim or portion thereof.  

A Waiver certification cannot be submitted in lieu of the maintenance fee when recording new notices. If the proper fees are not paid, the notice will be returned without making it part of the record.

LOCATION DATE: Date discovery monument erected and location notice posted on ground.


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ASSESSMENT YEAR:  Begins at 12:01 am September 1 through 12:01 am September 1 (PL 110-161).

If the claim/site is located before September 1 and near the end of the assessment year, you must pay the notice of location recordation fees plus an additional $155 maintenance fee to cover the upcoming assessment year. If the notices are recorded before September 1 and you qualify for the waiver, you may submit a waiver certification rather than pay the $155 for the upcoming assessment year.

If you fail to file the location notice/certificate or pay the fees within the 90-day filing period, the new locations will be forfeited by operation of law.

See NEW REGULATIONS for locating claims on land covered by Stock Raising Homestead Act patent or if disposal of the minerals are authorized under this Act. A "Notice of Intent to Locate" must be filed prior to locating a claim. BLM Service Charge is $30.


BLM REQUIREMENT: Either a $155 Maintenance Fee or a Small Miners Waiver Certification (Form 3830-2) must be filed on or before each September 1 and is filed in advance for the upcoming year.  For placer claims:  the maintenance fee is $155 for each additional 20 acres or portion thereof.

You must file a proof of labor or a document stating you paid the $155 maintenance fee to the BLM within 30 days after the end of the assessment with the proper County Recorder's Office. If the proof of labor is not required (usually the year of location), a notice of intent to hold must be recorded.

CLAIMANTS WHO FILE THE MAINTENANCE FEE MUST: Include a document listing the claim/site names and BLM serial numbers for which the fees are being paid.


Complete the assessment work for the current assessment year prior to September 1, (example: Work completed for 1996 assessment year and seeking waiver for 1997).

  1. Have an interest in 10 or less claims/sites in the U.S. on September 1 (all owners).
  2. Exceeding the limit, you must file a relinquishment or transfer ownership on or before September 1, for those claims that are over the 10-claim limit.
  3. Include the name, address, and signature of all owners on the waiver.
  4. List claim names and serial numbers that you wish to maintain on the waiver.
  5. On or before December 30, file a Proof of Labor or Notice of Intention to Hold with the BLM Utah State Office. BLM processing fee is $10 per claim/site.


BLM Requirement: CHANGE OF ADDRESS--List claim names and BLM serial numbers. Note address change on annual filing.

BLM/State of Utah Requirement: AMENDED NOTICE--If a correction is required on the original location notice, an amended notice should be filed with the BLM/County Recorder. BLM processing fee is $10 per claim/site.

Amended NOLs must be recorded at the proper county recorder's office prior to recordation with the BLM (Regulation 43 CFR 3833.22).  You must record amended NOLs with the BLM within 90 days after you record the amended NOL in the local/county recording office.  BLM will not recognize any amendment to your mining claim until you file it properly.

BLM/State of Utah Requirement: TRANSFER OF INTEREST--If there is a change of name/ownership, the transfer document must be filed with the BLM/County Recorder. Each transferee (person receiving the interest in the claim/site) must pay the processing fee of $10 per claim/site per document when recording with BLM.