Geographic Information - GIS Data

GIS in Utah

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide the means for storing, querying, analyzing, correlating, modeling, and displaying digital cartographic data, remotely sensed imagery, and geographically referenced field survey and sampling data.

In the business of managing public lands, the BLM collects and utilizes this data as it relates to or describes a piece of land and the resources on and under it.  Data might be information about bird nesting sites or wild horse herd use areas.  It might be legal land survey information or legal descriptions of land parcels.  Real-time fire progression maps and maps-on-demand are two other customer products developed from this data.  The common thread is that this information is tied to the land.

This site offers base layer GIS data used by Utah BLM for statewide mapping needs.

No warranty is made by the Bureau of Land Management as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of these data for individual use or aggregate use with other data.

Links to outside agencies and organizations are provided to assist users in obtaining GIS data.

Please note: The BLM does not guarantee nor control the relevance, timeliness, or accuracy of materials provided by other agencies or organizations.  The Federal Standards of Ethical Conduct prohibits the Bureau of Land Management from endorsing outside agencies and organizations.


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