Cultural Resource Photo Gallery 3

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cr2504100Starr Ranch near the Henry Mountains cr2504101Corral (Dark Canyon Wilderness Area) cr2504102Inside the Store (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250469Stone Building (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250470Stone Building (Desolation-Gray Canyons) cr250471The Wolverton Mill (Hanksville, BLM Office)

cr250472Cabin (Nine Mile Canyon) cr250473Store (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250474Farm Equipment (Desolation-Gray Canyons) cr250475Cabin (Desolation-Gray Canyons) cr250476Inside Stone Building (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250477Inside the Store (John Jarvie Ranch)

cr250478Corral (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250479Starr Ranch near the Henry Mountains, cr250480Stone Building (Desolation-Gray Canyons) cr250481Inside Blacksmith Shop (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250482Blacksmith Shop (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250483Inside the Store (John Jarvie Ranch)

cr250484Inside the Store (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250485Ranch House (Book Cliffs) cr250486Stone Building (Desolation-Gray Canyons) cr250487Stone Building (Desolation-Gray Canyons) cr250488Grave Site (John Jarvie Ranch Area) cr250489Cabin (Desolation-Gray Canyons)

cr250490Cabin (Desolation-Gray Canyons) cr250491Starr Ranch near the Henry Mountains, cr250492The Blacksmith Shop (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250493Cabin (Desolation-Gray Canyons) cr250494Well, Old Stage Stop (Book Cliffs Area) cr250495Cabin (Book Cliffs)

cr250496Inside the Store (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250497Cabin (Nine Mile Canyon) cr250498Cabin (Desolation-Gray Canyons) cr250499Starr Ranch near the Henry Mountains