Cultural Resource Photo Gallery 2

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cr250434Cultural Artifacts (Cedar Mesa) cr250435Vandalism in a Cave near Wendover, Utah, cr250436Vandalism in a Cave near Wendover, Utah, cr250437Cultural Artifacts-Human Bones (Cedar Mesa) cr250439Cave near Wendover, Utah cr250440Vandalism in a Cave near Wendover, Utah

cr250441Cultural Artifacts (Cedar Mesa) cr250442Vandalism in a Cave near Wendover, Utah, cr250443Cultural Artifacts-Human Bones (Cedar Mesa) cr250444Cultural Artifacts (Cedar Mesa) cr250445Cultural Artifacts (Cedar Mesa) cr250446Cultural Artifacts (Cedar Mesa)

cr250447Pot Sheds (Cedar Mesa) cr250448Cultural Artifacts (Cedar Mesa) cr250449Vandalism in a Cave near Wendover, Utah, cr250450Cabin in the Sand Wash Area cr250451Inside Stone Building (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250452Inside Stone Building (John Jarvie Ranch)

cr250453Corral (Book Cliffs) cr250454Cabin in the Sand Wash Area cr250455Stone Building (Desolation-Gray Canyons) cr250456Inside Stone Building (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250457Cabin in the Sand Wash Area cr250458BLMer examining an Old Structure

cr250459BLMer examining an Old Structure cr250460BLMer examining an Old Structure cr250461Water Wheel (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250462Stone Building (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250463Inside the Store (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250464Starr Ranch near the Henry Mountains

cr250465Inside the Store (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250466Cabin (Desolation-Gray Canyons) cr250467Water Wheel (John Jarvie Ranch) cr250468Ranch House (Nine Mile Canyon)