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Moore Cutoff

Moore Cutoff Road Rock Art and Dinosaur Footprints

What To See And Do:  This is a great locality because you will be able to see petroglyphs and dinosaur footprints - all in one stop! Look for the two petroglyphs of snakes and make sure you find the dinosaur trackway, which is on a boulder just east of the petroglyph boulders. This is Stop 14 on The Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation, Eastern Utah: The View Up An Always Interesting Learning Curve field trip led by Jim Kirkland and Scott Madsen out of the 2007 GSA Rocky Mountain Section Annual Meeting in St. George, UT; May 4-6, 2007.

Dinosaur Trackway on Moore Cutoff RoadTo the left, you can see the boulder with the dinosaur trackway on it. The footprints have been outlined.


 Moore Road Petroplyphs




To the right, an excellent example of the petroglyphs you will find on the boulders on Moore Cutoff Road.

How to Get There: 

Note: Paving of Moore Cutoff Road began in May 2009. 

From the south: Mile 0 – Starting from the town of Emery, UT (A), head east (slightly northeast) on Utah Highway 10.
Mile 3.7 – Take a slight right off of Utah Highway 10 onto County Highway 801. Stay on this road, heading east/northeast.
Mile 6.4 – You will reach an intersection with County Highway 803 (B). You are now in Moore, UT. Make a right turn onto County Highway 803 (locally known as Moore Cutoff) and head east.
Mile 10.5 – After making a sharp turn towards the left, you should spot a dirt area for parking. At this point, you should be able to find boulders with Indian petroglyphs on them. Try to find the two snake petroglyphs. About 200 feet east of these, you will see a large sloping boulder. Look on its upper surface to find a dinosaur trackway. The tracks will appear as “bumps” at regularly spaced intervals. There are other petroglyphs and interesting things to see in this area, so keep an eye out!

From the north: Mile 0 - Starting from the town of Ferron, head south on Utah Highway 10.
Mile 5 - Take the paved road, County Highway 801, to the hamlet of Moore that is off to the left.
Mile 6.8 - Make a slight left onto County Road 802/Moore Road.
Mile 8.6 - A T-intersection is reached.  Make a left turn (east) on what is locally known as the Moore Cutoff (County Highway 803).
Mile 12.3 - About 3 miles after the T-intersection and after descending into a short canyon, the road turns fairly sharply to the left, or east, again and a very short stretch of dirt road (100 feet) goes left to a parking area set up against a large number of large boulders fallen from the cliffs towering above.  Wonderful boulders these are; containing petroglyphs near the parking area and a dinosaur trackway on one about 200 feet to the east.

 Boulder with Tracks from Parking Area  Closer Look at Boulder with Tracks from Parking Area

Above are views of the boulder with dinosaur trackway from the dirt parking area.