Buckhorn Dinosaur Footprint

Buckhorn Wash Dinosaur Footprint and Rock Art

Close Up of Dinosaur Footprint, Buckhorn Wash   Buckhorn Wash Footprint as it should be left

What To See And Do: Another locality where there are cultural and paleontology resources in very close proximity! An excellent example of pictographs and petroglyphs can be seen at the Buckhorn Wash Rock Art Panel and a very distinct dinosaur footprint can be found after following a short trail in the wash.

How To Get There:  From the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, head west back to what will be a T-intersection.  Turn left to the south.  4 miles along will be a 4-way intersection known locally as the Cedar Mountain turnoff.  Proceed on through heading south still.  Another few miles brings you to another 3 way intersection, more of a Y than a T.  Bear left along the main road.  The road goes by the Buckhorn Reservoir and the west end of Cedar Mountain where the type section for the Buckhorn Tongue is located.  Continue on to another 4-way intersection.  There is a BLM kiosk there that usually has an area map posted.  There is also a small building housing the pump for the Buckhorn Well.  Make a left (continuing straight through that intersection would take you out to the Wedge and the overlook).  A mile or two along, the road goes over a small bridge just before reaching the intersection with the road down Buckhorn Wash.  Turn right down Buckhorn Wash.  A couple hundred yards in there will be a smallish wooden sign on the right saying "Navajo Formation."  A couple hundred yards past this sign and on the left side of the road is a reddish colored hillside made up of the lowermost Carmel Fm. Exactly 1 mile past the Navajo Sandstone sign there will be a turnout on the right.  Pull out and park.  On the other side of the road is a ledge.  Get up on that and go toward the upstream side looking at the bedrock. The track is usually circled with smaller rocks for easy spotting. The track is an indentation clearing showing 3 toes.

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Additional Photos:

Example of Pictographs at Buckhorn Wash  Another view of the Buckhorn Dinosaur Footprint  Parking Area at Buckhorn Dinosaur Footprint

Above, Left: An example of the rock art (pictograph pictured) seen at Buckhorn Wash Panel. Center: The Buckhorn Wash Dinosaur Footprint from 10 feet away. Right: View of dinosaur footprint from the parking area along the road in Buckhorn Wash.