Warner Valley Dinosaur Trackways

Warner Valley Dinosaur Trackways

Eubrontes tracks at the Warner Valley Dinosaur Trackways Locality. Photo Credit: David Slauf, 2007.What To See and Do: At the Warner Valley Dinosaur Trackways locality you can see 161 individual footprints and 23 trackways. The trackways at this locality include Grallator footprints (attributed to coelophysid dinosaurs such as Coelophysis) and Eubrontes footprints, which are likely produced by a Dilophosaurus-sized theropod. This locality provides an excellent opportunity to see where dinosaurs walked in the early Jurassic period. A short trail leads to the trackways and there is an information sign for visitors to read.

How To Get There: Warner Valley Dinosaur Trackways is located just southwest of St. George, Utah. The dirt road leading to the dinosaur trackways also takes the traveler to the historic site of Fort Pearce. Depart St. George south on River Road to the Virgin River Bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left on 1450 South. Continue on main road and keep bearing to the east through several 90 degree left and right turns until you come to a large two-story farm house on the west side of road as you are traveling south. Turn left (east) on dirt road at the Fort Pearce sign and continue 5.6 miles to a road that branches right along a small wash to the Fort Pearce parking lot. Dinosaur tracks are 2.1 miles farther down main road that has a sign directing you to the parking area.

Fieldtrip from 8th CFR Paleontology Conference at Warner Valley Dinosaur Trackways

The 8th Conference on Fossil Resources experienced the Warner Valley Dinosaur Trackways first hand on their fieldtrip to dinosaur track localities in southern Utah.

IMPORTANT: Localities like these are rare and need to preserved for generations to come. Please be cautious and considerate when observing these dinosaur footprints. Do not walk on the actual footprints themselves. Do not try to make your own plaster/rubber/cement casts of these footprints.

Contact Information: For more information, please contact the BLM, St. George Field Office, 345 East Riverside Drive St. George, Utah 84790 Phone number: (435) 688-3200. Fax number: (435) 688-3252. Email: utsgmail@blm.gov.

Would you like to volunteer to help preserve paleontological and cultural resources?

The BLM has started the Color Country Site Stewardship Program and volunteers monitor this site and others like it in the Color Country District. Site stewards have been reporting on the condition of this site since 2007. For more information about this program, please visit the BLM St. George Field Office or the BLM Cedar City Field Office (Color Country District Main Office). Contact information and more general information about volunteering in Utah can be found on the Volunteer Program in Utah page. You can also visit the BLM Volunteer Program Site, where you can find information and opportunites to get involved with the BLM in Utah and nationwide.