Fossil Theft

Fossil Theft

Fossil ThiefThe BLM Office of Law Enforcement (OLES) is heavily involved with the protection of fossils on lands administered by the BLM. Paleontological resources constitute a fragile and nonrenewable scientific record of the history of life on earth. Once damaged, destroyed, or improperly collected, their scientific and educational value may be greatly reduced or lost forever... Because of the remote areas that paleontological resources are often located in, fossils have been a target for thieves and looters. The plundering and destruction of cultural and paleontological treasures has become a highly lucrative business involving a network of looters, expert dealers in stolen property, and opportunistic buyers in the United States and throughout the world. 

- Above statement is modified from the BLM 2007 Law Enforcement Statement

Fossil thieves aren't just stealing fossils, they are stealing scientific and educational information as well as valuable recreational opportunities from you!

For interesting articles on fossil theft and how fossil thieves are caught, check out the following links:

If you discover fossil theft or vandalism, please contact the local BLM Office in the area.

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