Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackways

Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackways

Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackways

What To See And Do: The Copper Ridge site features the tracks of a brontosaurus and four three-toed dinosaurs.

The many different kinds and sizes of dinosaur tracks make Copper Ridge unique. The preservation of the tracks is fantastic, and this site is well worth a visit. There are sauropod tracks made by a brontosaur (probably a Camarasaurus, Apatosaurus or Diplodocus), as well as Allosaurus and small mammal tracks, all dating back to the Jurassic period. The BLM has placed interpretive signs in the area, and parking is less than 100 yards from the site.

How To Get There: From Moab, go north on US Highway 191 for 23 miles. Turn right 3/4 mile past milepost 148 (just north of the microwave tower). Cross the railroad tracks and follow the signs south on the dirt road. It is 2 miles to the trackways from the highway.

If coming from Crescent Jct. (I-70), turn left 1/4 mile past milepost 149, cross the railroad tracks and continue south on the dirt road.

NOTE: The dirt road is suitable for passenger cars driven carefully. AVOID this road when wet!

Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackways

Contact Information: For maps, brochures, and other information, please contact the BLM Moab Field Office, 82 East Dogwood, Moab, Utah 84532. Telephone: (435) 259-2100

Would you like to volunteer to help preserve paleontological and cultural resources?

The BLM has started the Canyon Country Site Stewardship Program and volunteers monitor this site and others like it in the Canyon Country District. For more information about this program, please visit the BLM Moab Field Office (Canyon Country District Main Office) or contact Rebecca Hunt-Foster, the BLM Canyon Country District Paleontologist: Contact information and more general information about volunteering in Utah can be found on the Volunteer Program in Utah page. You can also visit the BLM Volunteer Program Site, where you can find information and opportunities to get involved with the BLM in Utah and nationwide.

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IMPORTANT: Localities like these are rare and need to be preserved for generations to come. Please be cautious and considerate when observing these dinosaur footprints. Do not walk on the actual footprints themselves. Do not try to make your own plaster/rubber/cement casts of these footprints. Any disturbing, casting, rubber, or pouring anything into the dinosaur tracks is expressly forbidden under federal regulations [43 CFR 8365.1-5(a) (1)]. Your help in preserving these tracks for now and future generations is greatly appreciated.