Utah Paleontology

Utah is famous for its paleontological resources.  Nearly 300 different species of dinosaur have been discovered from the state of Utah and most of them are from BLM-administered lands.  The BLM has a mandate to protect and interpret heritage resources (including scientifically significant paleontological resources).

We are currently undergoing a renaissance in the discovery, research, and interpretation of fossils from Utah.

Below, click on the various districts (West Desert, Green River, Color Country, Canyon Country, or Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument) to find out more about paleontology in that area.

Utah Paleontology Map
West Desert Color Country Green River Canyon Country GSENM

BLM Paleontology


Paleontology is often confused with archaeology, which is the study of people, culture, and human artifacts.

"Hmmm!  I was looking for information on arrowheads and pictographs."

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Fun Fossils!


Allosaurus fragilis

Found at the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, Allosaurus is one of the world's best-known dinosaurs and is the Utah state fossil