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An excavation permit authorizes a qualified paleontologist to remove large fossils, such as dinosaurs, or assemblages fossils, such as a large accumulation of fossiled bone, from the ground.

Excavation at the Hanksville-Burpee Quarry

How is an excavation permit different from a survey permit?

An excavation permit has undergone review by the local office and numerous specialists to ensure that other important resources, such as wildlife, archeology, botany, and even air quality, are not negatively impacted by the proposed paleontological excavation.  An excavation permit often has additional terms and conditions specific to each permit to ensure that other resources are adequately managed or preserved.

Can I have my students excavate when I am absent? 

BLM field agents may be assigned by excavation permittees to direct field crews or to conduct work in the absence of the permittee.  The field agent must possess all of the field qualifications required to hold a BLM paleontological resource permit and have experience working with the type of fossils that will be encountered.  Field agents must be approved by the BLM, named on the permit (line 8), and be present during any work.

What do I report to the BLM?

BLM paleontological resource use permittees must submit an annual report each year, even if field work was not done. 

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